What was I thinking – Crocheting

So, I got it in my head that I want to crochet.  I can’t figure my sewing machine out… but I want to do something crafty and productive so why not crochet!? Lucky for me my library had a few crocheting how to DVD’s available for check out… I get through the single stitch  and chain tutorial and I’m thinking woa – I am a pro at this.  And then I think – I’m going to crochet some baby booties for my nephew to be.

I find some super cute baby booties on youtube.  They are the classic crocheted booties with a little button on the front. – Adorable.  I get my crochet hook and my yarn all ready to get creating these booties – mind you I only have knowledge of a single stitch and creating a chain (and barely feel comfortable holding the yarn while crocheting).  I start following this video…

1. slip knot – check

2. Chain of 6 single stitches – check

3. Two Half Double Crochet into 2nd stitch… yeah I think I’m going to have to go back to my tutorial DVD…

I guess I need to master the basics before trying to create baby booties, hats, and other more intricate things.  But – I’m not giving up.  I will (hopefully) have baby booties for my little nephew when he gets here! I wish I could just grab the crochet hook and yarn and instantly know what I’m doing.  This learning thing is a little time consuming and boring.

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