We survived Hurricane Matthew

We live in south-east Georgia and are close to Savannah, GA where they had a mandatory evacuation.  We toyed with the idea of leaving town but decided we were ready for what the storm had to bring us.  The hurricane was a category 2 with winds around 110 mph by the time it got close to us.  However, we just got the outer edges of the hurricane with winds around 60 mph (i think).

During the Storm

And of course, it hit when it was pitch black around 2-3 AM.  It was awful.  We could hear the wind and see the water inching up trying to make it up on our front porch but that was as far as we could see.  Every now and then I would hear trees cracking or hear a big thump but because it was so dark, you couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

Jackson woke up and ran into the foot board of our bed and got a big ol’ goose egg on his forehead.  We decided to get up and hang out in the living room during the storm. Jason slept through the whole thing – well, except when I would run in there saying, “Did you hear that!?”.  He did go out at one point to check on a big noise next to our house.  A tree limb broke off and hit his shop but thankfully, there was no damage.  Around 5 AM, Jackson and I fell asleep on the couch and I woke up around 7.  We were still having pretty good wind gusts but nothing like the night before.

The Damage

hurricane matthew damage

Jason walked around our property and found a big oak that got uprooted, a giant limb that was leaning up against the shop and that’s about it.  Some of the people in our neck of the woods weren’t so lucky.  There were trees down on most of the streets and our neighbor had a limb crunch their gate. A lady down the road had multiple large oaks come down on her property and someone else had trees on their house and garage.  Savannah was even worse.

hurricane matthew damage

Power Outages

We were prepared for a power outage.  I had made a couple of loaves of banana bread for quick breakfasts and we had our generator set up and ready to use for the next few days. We had water bottles and easy to make food, candles and flashlights too. However, next time, we’ll be filling up a few more cans of gas for the generator.  We only ran it for a few hours at a time to keep the food cold in the fridge and freezer and to power our water pump.  But even with running it frugally, we needed more gas and with power out to most of the town, gas was a little difficult to come by.  The gas stations that did have power (running on generators) had huge lines.

We got gas in a part of town that had some power and while paying, an alarm went off letting the store know they only had 100 gallons of gas left. We didn’t even try to go to any stores or anything else.  It was pretty much like camping at home.  I brought my cast iron out and made our meals on the grill and we did turn out generator on to power our water heater while we took showers… so we really had it easy compared to some others.

My parents, owners of Joyner Electric & Security, were super busy during this time.  Power was getting restored by Georgia Power and other utility companies but some homes electrical systems were damaged from the storm.  Their crews were working 12-14 hour days!  They were doing all of that without power themselves!

It was a crazy storm and if it had made landfall on the Georgia coast, I’m not sure we would have been so lucky.

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