Vent Post – Overpaying for Tooth Repair

A few days ago the bonding on my front tooth chipped off. When I was 2, I went face first into the dash of the car (no I wasn’t in a car seat) and my front tooth came out.  The permanent tooth didn’t come in until I was 8 and when it did, it apparently had something wrong with it – that’s why my front teeth are bonded.

Anyways… I went to a dentist to have my tooth repaired. I paid $252 (that’s their bonding per tooth price) to have my tooth fixed.

Apparently, my situation was unique in that I had the piece that broke off. So, this dentist decided to just cement it back on. I was in and out in 10 minutes.

I was happy it was fixed but uncomfortable with paying so much since she didn’t really bond my tooth. They told me they would put a coupon in my file for future treatment. Ok cool.

BUT the piece fell off at 2:00 in the morning – I woke up to this glued on piece hanging off my tooth.

I called the dentist first thing the next morning. They said they would repair it – but after the comments made in the office (the doctor said she hadn’t seen bonding like this before) and how she “repaired” it the first time, I wasn’t comfortable having it fixed by them again. I asked for a refund.

They came back and said they would refund half. – when I said I didn’t feel what they did was worth $126, the receptionist said – well, the doctor did say it wasn’t going to last. WHAT? You expect me to pay $126 for a “repair” that lasted all of 10 hours!? — The doctor told me I needed to consider veneers in case this happened again – that was all she said about it “not going to last”

I have a feeling this happens often. When I called to schedule this in the first place, they thought i was someone else who had bonding done recently – they told me (thinking it was someone else) that since the bonding didn’t last like they thought, I needed veneers but they would do the bonding one last time.

While on the phone with the receptionist, I asked her if she would feel comfortable paying $126 for a repair that didn’t even last a day. – She told me she wasn’t going to argue with me and hung up on me.

We’re not made of $$$ and I can’t afford to pay $126 for shoddy tooth repair. I told her I would be comfortable with getting a partial refund of $200 – they keep $52 for their materials and labor – 10 minutes with me and a speck of tooth cement.

Am I asking too much? Should I be happy with getting refunded half of the original charge?

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