Using Scissors, Talking Update, and School

This past week, Jackson and I worked on making a Valentines Day card for his daddy.  I traced out a heart and got out my scissors and went to cutting.  Jackson said “me cut” and I told him that those were grown up scissors and sharp.  But he was so upset that he couldn’t cut that it sent me looking for some kid scissors.  We had some and Jackson has been cutting up a storm in the last few days.

Jackson is now 2 going on 3 – He’ll be 3 in June if you are wondering.  My husband had the idea to draw some lines on paper and told Jackson to cut along the lines.  He wasn’t too interested in doing that at the time but today, I drew some lines and he was excited to have a challenge.  He cut along 1 line almost perfectly.

I mentioned in previous posts that we were going to take Jackson to have his speech evaluated.  After some insurance mix up, we cancelled the appointment and haven’t rescheduled but I’m not sure he really needs it.

He is saying new words all the time and he’s putting words together to make short phrases.  Some new words he has started saying are hide, snack, chips, outside (a little jumbled but he’s saying it) sit, hat, hot, swing, slide, play,  remote, pillow, DVD, flour, butter, bear, lap, stuck, high, fast, fire, hat, broke, stop, help

We are working on the S, T, & P sound in words. The word slide sounds like lide and hot sounds like hop, and stop sounds like dop. As I’m typing this, he said hop (really) high which sounded like hop lee high.

For a while now, he has been identifying possession of things – like daddy’s truck or mommy’s bowl.  While eating breakfast the other day, we were watching the squirrels and he started identifying them as daddy squirrel and mommy squirrel and then said Me! He continued this going on to saying Jonah and papa and so on… I thought this was pretty funny and didn’t think much about it until my sister posted a video of my niece doing a similar thing with Princesses when she was Jackson’s age. She was much more advanced in the talking department so she would say Papa is Tiara or so and so is Cinderella.  It was very funny and very sweet.

We’ve been trying to stay busy in the house since we’ve had a lot of cold weather and I don’t like to take him out when he’s sick.  I’ve been looking up crafts and games to play inside but for the most part we’ve been doing puzzles and lots of baking – notice some new words in his vocabulary are flour and butter <3

He loves to help dump the ingredients in the bowl and stir things up.  One day when he was very snotty, I really didn’t want the help, even though he was so adamant about helping.  I poured some flour into a shallow baking pan and put a truck in it and he was entertained for the entire time I was making monkey bread.  It was a bit messy but he enjoyed it and he also started using the word snow after that.   We don’t have any snow here but we’ve seen pictures in books so I guess he has a little vocab in his head that he just hasn’t started using yet.  I don’t believe I used the word snow when he was playing with the flour.

He has become obsessed with making blanket forts – although he calls them houses. It’s pretty cute when he’s inside his blanket fort and goes, “Psssst, hide!” and then points in the corner of the room like there is something out there.

We will be registering Jackson for preschool in the next few days.  If all goes according to plan, he’ll be going to pre-k 3 days a week for half days starting in the fall.  From what I understand, when he’s 4, we can register him to go in pre-k at the public school and they do full days so we wanted to introduce him to something a little less intense first.  I talked to him about school and he was so excited.  He asked me if daddy would go to school (Daddy school?) and I said no daddy doesn’t go to school anymore and he asked if I would go to school and I said no – I would drop you off and you will spend time with other kids and the teacher and he thought about it for a minute. I asked him if he wanted to go to school and he said yes and started for the door.  haha.  He was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t going right then.


  1. Karoline,

    I really love reading your post’s. My word, Jackson has really made strides in his vocabulary! I can hardly wait to see him again. You are doing such a good job at being a mom. It was the most demanding yet rewarding job I ever had. Enjoy it girl!

    Miss you,

    Rene Mackey Sent from my iPhone


  2. At the risk of being redundant, Jackson’s doing great with his communication!
    Since Christmas, he’s had really good pragmatic skills, like turn-taking when talking to people, bringing people’s attention to things he does or objects that he finds interesting.
    Sometimes if kids are a little speech delayed, they can come to a certain point and then slingshot ahead. It seems like he was taking his time.
    You are a very engaging parent, and Jackson is such a happy little boy. I can tell he loves you a lot!

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