There’s a Mess in my Kitchen

Baby FeetMy husband probably doesn’t believe me when I say I sweep or vacuum daily… well, I do.  Sometimes multiple times during the day.  Today being one of them. 

I vacuumed the rug and did a quick spot vacuum around the house.  Put the vacuum up and what do I see when I walk back into the kitchen? 

My little man with a box of baking soda – having a grand ole time dumping it all over the floor.  Immediately, I say “Jackson!” He throws the box and runs! He’s so funny.  Not 15 months old and he runs when caught in the act. While I’m sweeping that mess up, Jackson proceeds to get another mess started (pulling out every tupperware/storage container I have). 

It may have only been 11:30 when all this went down but you better believe I strapped him up in his highchair right quick.  Lunch time is a nice break for me. 🙂 … Until he starts slinging his ham and crackers down to the dog. haha





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