the baby weight still lingers

I guess I need to get on top of this weight thing.  I gained quite a bit during the pregnancy and I was over my ideal weight to start with. I thought since I would be nursing, the weight would fall right off.  Boy – was I wrong!

When I found out I was pregnant I was 135 pounds.  At 36 weeks, I was 172.  I lost about 12 pounds within the first week and then the weight started falling off.. well I wouldn’t say falling off – it took it’s time leaving.  About 4 months later I was at 145.

Jackson will be 7 months old in about a week and a half and I am 156 pounds! WHAT!?

Yeah… I was right. My jeans were fitting a little more snug than usual. ugh. WHY?

Oh yeah – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the cookies and candy and pie that comes with it.

So here is my plan. Every Friday morning I will be doing a weigh in and I will *try* to do measurements as well. I will post that here.  The reason for this – encouragement and accountability.  I will be having a cleaner diet and try to do more walking and such.  I just need to lose this weight. I feel so blah with all this extra fluff and stuff.


Weight: 156

Waist: 33.5″

Chest: 36.5″

Hips 43″

Left Arm: 12″

Left Leg: 24″

Right Arm: 12.5″

Right Leg: 25″



  1. You are such a determined young lady – I KNOW you can do this!! And just think how much enjoyment he is going to have in all those stroller walks!!

    • Thanks! I really have no will power and no real drive when it comes to this kind of stuff. BUT, when I make a public announcement of sorts, I feel like I have to go through with it. I’m hoping I keep up with this. I know I will eventually feel better and comfortable in my own skin… and I know Jackson will enjoy having a mommy that can keep up with him when he starts getting around.

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