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Summer Camp… Speech Camp

When I thought about my son going to camp for the first time, I thought it would be a church camp or something like a sports related camp. I never imagined sending my son to a speech camp.  But, it has been fun for him and he is getting the help he needs.

We started Jackson in a preschool for three year olds this past year and I noticed his speech improved.  I guess it was just because he had to work harder for people to understand him.  About halfway through the year, I asked about having him work with the speech pathologist that visits the pre-k.  She did ten sessions of “intervention” and then did a full speech evaluation.  Some kids only need a couple of sessions of intervention but Jackson needed more.

I met with the speech pathologist and his pre-k teacher and we went over the evaluation and setup a plan for Jackson.  In addition to his twice a week meetings with the speech pathologist at school, a friend had told me about a speech program at a local college.  Since it was the middle of the semester, I paid a pro-rated $80 for a speech evaluation and once a week – 1 hour sessions for the rest of the semester.  Money well spent, if I do say so.

The speech camp is through the college program I just mentioned and the college students work with the children.  They have two four week sessions and I signed Jackson up for both.  When I pick Jackson up, one of the college students lets me know what they worked on that day and how I can work with him at home.

I got a new microphone for some videos I’m doing for my website, www.BornInNewOrleans.com, and  Jackson LOVES talking into the microphone.  Here is just a tidbit of some of his recordings…  Just a warning – he gets a bit loud towards the end.

Me: Alright,

Jackson: I am Jackson. I am 4 years old.

Me: Years old

Jackson: Years Old. Ok. That is so weird.

Me: Ok. Where do you live?

Jackson: Out in… out in… I don’t know

Me: Say in Georgia.

Jackson: In Georgia

Me: And, what is your favorite color?

Jackson: Blue

Me: Blue?

Jackson: That is blue

Me: That is blue. What’s your favorite thing to do?

Jackson: Play on me  – la (singing)

Me: No answer the question. What’s your favorite thing to do?

Jackson: Eat

Me: Your favorite thing to do is eat?

Jackson: and play my toys

Me: ok.

Jackson: and play with my tools and ….???

Me: What do you like to do outside? When you go outside what do you want to do?

Jackson: Um… Play Gigi’s bike.

Me: Do you like to ride your bike?

Jackson: no gigi’s

Me: Do you like to ride your motorcycle?

Jackson: Um yeah.

Me: yeah.. which one

Jackson: umm…yellow one at gigi’s shop

Me: what color is it?

Jackson: yellow!

Me: oh yellow. I thought you said little but you said yellow.  That’s cool

Jackson: me go out in the woods with my daddy….

Jackson: listen listen


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