Some eww and aww moments this week…

Ok – let me take a break from this couponing thing and tell you about my little man – Jackson.  He is a mess. Like all the time getting into something.  Like today –  we went on a bike ride.  Jackson sits in his bike trailer behind either my husband’s or my bike.  Usually a little gravel will accumulate on the bottom of the bike trailer near Jackson’s feet.  I guess Jackson got the idea to eat the gravel because when I picked him up to take him inside there was dirt and gravel around his mouth. I guess next time I’ll feed him breakfast before we go.   :/

Today we went over to his Mimi’s house and good gracious she has so many things that he can get into.  I had to be on high alert the entire time Jackson was on the floor.  Jackson has recently started saying no – or his version sounds more like nah in a firm tone of voice.  Whenever he was about to do something he shouldn’t do he would say nah nah… like he knew he shouldn’t be doing what he was doing.  Some things have become like a game for him.  His daddy said do not touch the TV.  What do you think Jackson did? He tried to touch the TV.  Jason moved him away from the TV and he went right back to it.  I’ve got my hands full with this little guy.

Earlier this week he dumped water onto the bathroom floor while in the bathtub.  I told him water stays in the bathtub and so do all his bath toys. While I was soaking up all the water from the floor, Jackson took his boat and filled it with water and before I could stop him more water went all over the floor.  I took the boat away from him and told him (again) that water stays in the bathtub.  You know what he did next?  He grabbed the empty soap bottle and filled it with water and proceeded to try and dump it onto the floor. Notice I said try… I took that bottle away before he gave me more to clean up.  Good Gracious child!  Don’t tell me that stay at home moms don’t work!

Let me share this haha moment we had earlier this week…


Do you see it?  Jackson had a diaper wedgie.  It makes me laugh just thinking about how he might have got it.  Did I put it on him that way or did he scooch into it … lol my son.   I mean – I put the diaper on him then put him in his high chair for lunch and didn’t notice his wedgie until after I cleaned up the lunch mess. He didn’t even care! I don’t think he even realized he had a wedgie.  I was laughing so hard when I saw the wedgie, he looked at me like I was crazy and then started laughing  just because I was.  He had no idea.  Silly boy.

One of the grosser moments we had this week was when Jackson was taking a potty break.   I mentioned in another post that I’m working with Jackson to use the potty. Well, he understands what to do on the potty (I think) and he can sign potty (kind of) – the only trouble is getting him to STAY on the potty.  Now that Jackson can get up and move around, he doesn’t want to sit still!  Jackson loves to brush his teeth ok ok- he just likes to chew on it. Whatever.  My brilliant idea – Let him brush his teeth while on the potty!

So Jackson is sitting there chewing on his toothbrush and I’m reading his potty book to him and signing potty and telling him to use the potty.  Low and behold – he does his business.  I cheer for him and clap my hands.  I mean this is awesome and I want him to know it’s awesome.  I want him to WANT to use the potty.  So he gets excited and starts clapping his hands –  and sure enough, down goes the toothbrush into the potty.  Gross.  Eww. Double Gross.  By the way, how long do you boil a toothbrush to get that clean or do you just go and buy a new one.. haha …. yeah there were other gross moments this week but I think that topped the list.

What comes to mind when I mention mom and baby at the grocery store… Is it a rested mother all put together with her beautiful calm baby or is it the mom that looks like she just got out of bed with a screaming baby who grabs everything he or she can reach?   Ever since Jackson started walking it’s been hard to keep him still.  I might be the mom that looks like she just got out of bed but Jackson is the awesome baby.  Seriously he is a great kid at the store. I’m surprised that he is such a good, quiet kid (most of the time) at the grocery store.   He gets lots of compliments on how good he is… and many comments like he is so big or he looks just like you 🙂

I love getting the one on one time with him at the store.  We face each other since he sits in the buggy seat and I talk to him about our grocery trip and he gives me kisses (aww – I know right)… When he is sleepy is when he is the best at the store.  Weird, right? That is when he is most cuddly and he just wants to lay on my arms or rub his head on my face.  It’s sweet.

I love my little guy.  He is such a blessing.  I thank God for Jackson every day.



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