So much has happened… Update

We  sold our house! We put our house up for sale in September ’13 and had it sold in November ’13 and in a neighborhood where there were at least 4 other homes up for sale and most under our asking price.  Can you believe it!  It just goes to show, that my husband is awesome.  He did almost all of the work to get it looking good.

Anyways… We bought a house with a a little more than two and half acres.  Since buying, Jason has built a woodshop/music studio,  put up a fence and gate, put up a playset – complete with swings, a climbing wall, monkey bars, fort, and slide for Jackson (Thank you Aunt Samone and Uncle Matt), and Jason put up another set of kitchen cabinets – oh and his most recent little project was putting up a clothesline.  Jackson and Gracie playing on the playsetWe’ve planted some apple and pecan trees and started a small garden.  We love our big yard!  Jackson and Sammie love running around the yard and I like walking the perimeter of the yard for some exercise.  In this picture, Jackson is cheesing it up – he used to say, “CHEESE” and have a really silly face.  But he quit doing that in the last 2 months or so.  I miss that. CHEESE! - check out all that running around room!We’ve got neighbors on one side and woods on the other.  The neighbor of our neighbor has horses and goats and llamas or possibly alpacas (we aren’t close enough to tell)!  Jackson has a good ole time watching the animals run around.  We are looking forward to getting a few animals of our own – chickens!  Jason has to build a chicken  coop but I am certainly ready for them.  I’m sure when Jason gets around to building the coop, Jackson will be ready to help.  : )                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1610076_10101291606187867_1039962833_n    1622692_10101291606467307_2092173773_n

Jackson has gotten so big in the last few months!  He still doesn’t say much but he certainly understands what you tell him.  Some things he says a good bit… Mama, Da (sometimes Dada), nonononono, momo (milk), bubu (bubbles), bye bye, boo (boots, book), nana (banana), baa (ball), aba (apple)… There are a few words I know I’m missing.  He’s pretty good at noises – he loves making car, plane, and train noises and he can do the sign language that goes along with each of those words.


We are getting ready to start potty training for real.  I’ve began sewing and have started sewing some trainers/pullups for him.  I don’t know what happened but he used to sit on the potty and go.  I think when he started walking, he didn’t want to sit still long enough to use the potty.  Now, he acts like I’m torturing him when I try to get him to sit on the potty.  I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Jackson in his cloth pull up - made by me
Jackson in his cloth pull up – made by me

My sister had her baby boy, Jonah.  He is stinking adorable! My sister is successfully nursing him.. I mean look at that little chunk! Did I mention that I only live like 5-10 minutes away from my sister?  Yeah – it’s nice.  Jonah

My niece turned 4.  Holy cow – when did she become so grown up!?  Now that she is a big sister, she has turned into momma’s little helper.  Jackson LOVES his big cousin Gracie.  <3

Gracie at her birthday party

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