Preschool, Speech Therapy, and Homeschool Plans

school has begun

School Year Has Begun

It’s here! Jackson started pre-k this year and he is enjoying it.  Last year he only went 3 mornings but this year he goes every morning from 9 to 12.

The reason we chose to put Jackson in preschool last year and this year wasn’t because we needed him to be occupied during the day and we weren’t super concerned about him learning a ton right now – I mean he was only 3 when he started last year.  We really wanted his speech to improve and being around other kids and a new teacher would force him to try harder so he could be understood.

Last year he started speech during preschool and he’s doing the same this year.  He has a new speech therapist and she is super organized. Last year we didn’t know when he would meet with his speech therapist during preschool hours which was frustrating for me since I wanted to talk to him about what they did during their sessions.

This year he has his own speech folder and the times he meets with his speech therapist is right on the folder.. plus she sends home a sheet of words that we work on at home with him.  So far, I’m really impressed.

On top of speech at school, I am taking him to the Armstrong Atlantic State University’s Rite Care center for more one on one help.  When we visit with family or friends we haven’t seen in a while, we always get comments on how well he is doing and how much they can understand him now.   We still have moments where I have to interpret or his words get jumbled but for the most part – he is doing awesome.

Planning for next year…

Ever since Jackson was a baby, I have had the idea that I may want to homeschool him.  With all the stories coming out of public schools nowadays, I’m more confident now that we will be homeschooling next year.  The school system in my county is awesome but they still have to conform to common core and I want Jackson’s curriculum to be Biblically based.  Plus, my son is super energetic and I just do not think he would be ready to sit in a class for almost 6 hours in the day.

I remember sitting in a 3rd grade class while doing student observations and I was so disappointed in how the class was handled.  There were some kids who were done with their work and about to jump out of their seats and other kids who were having a hard time grasping the concept but the teacher couldn’t help them because she was working with another student.  And there was one student sitting in the very front of the class. His desk was literally touching the front wall and whenever he turned around, he was scolded. I know every class isn’t like this but the teacher was overwhelmed with so many students and so many of the kids were just learning at different paces.

Making homeschool work for us…

When we remodel our house, the room Jackson is in currently was going to be turned into an office.  With plans for homeschooling, I think that room will be our homeschool room instead.  After doing some research about homeschooling, I found that our area (southeast Georgia) has their own homeschool athletic association and there are TONS of co-ops that we can join and they always have field trips and outings planned for the kids.

A friend suggested the curriculum, My Father’s World and after looking over other options like A Beka and Sonlight and a few others, I feel like My Father’s World would be a good fit for us especially since Jackson doesn’t read yet and I’m sure we will need a very slow and gentle approach to reading.

I’m sure I will end up supplementing the My Father’s World curriculum and I’ve already found some websites that suggest a few things that work well with My Father’s World.  I think my mind is made up… and I am looking forward to a homeschool adventure with my kids.

Any homeschoolers here that have any suggestions?

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