Potty Training, Talking, and Christmas

I think it’s safe to say… my little boy – my two and half year old is potty trained! Oh happy day!

Jackson has been tinkling in his potty for some time now but it got complicated when he had to poop.  He would be wearing his underwear and when he had the urge to poop, he would go grab a diaper! WHAT?  I had never heard of kids doing this but apparently, he’s not the only one. He would take his underwear off and try to put on his diaper because I wouldn’t do it. haha.

Many times, he would time it just right.. right before nap time.  Eventually I would cave and put on his diaper, he would run to his room, poop, and then I had to change a poop diaper. Yuck.

Something happened.  He went to his Vivi and G-daddy’s house and when he came back, he would hop around and get all ancy. But instead of going to grab a diaper, he would get someone to put him on the big potty. Nothing would happen and he’d get down, only to do that all over again.  Eventually he would have an accident in his undies – it happens.

His dad took him to the potty one day when he was doing this whole routine and actually went! He did it! Since that one potty trip, everything is different! There’s only been 1 accident since then.

He still wears pull-ups when we’re out for longer trips but we regularly come home to a dry pull-up and he immediately sits on his potty. For short trips, he has worn underwear with no accidents.  I’m not going to put him in undies all the time yet because he refuses to use public bathrooms. I don’t blame him!

I am just so proud of my little boy. I think he’ll be getting some new big boy underpants in his stocking this year.

Unrelated to potty training-

Jackson has been a kid of few words.  I’ve worked with him on sounds and simple words and he seems to be only slightly interested in even trying.  When he asks for milk (a cross between mo and ma) I’ll repeat the word milk a few times. Sometimes he’ll try to say it after me – most of the time he just looks at me like I’m crazy.  I’ve even told him he could have his milk when he said Milk (I don’t deprive my son of food or milk – this was when I gave him options of milk or water with snack).  He just walked away. He just isn’t all that interested in talking.   I’m hoping that since his baby cousin is trying to talk, Jackson might want to try too. We watched a video of his baby cousin trying to say Allie (the dog’s name) and all of a sudden, Jackson was saying Allie -or trying to.

Some recent new words

Yellow (lelo), Allie (ayie) Blue (boo) Poo poo, Please (pees), Get down (g-dow), Where did it go (d-go?) Right there – this phrase is actually pretty clear when he says it. He also says treat and tweet – I can’t think of anymore right now but there is more. I’m just blanking out at the moment.

Some regular words – bubble, book, boots, hello, momma, daddy, water (wawa), more, dog,

He’s shortened everyone’s name to one syllable… Gigi is G, Papa is pa, Vivi is vi, G-daddy is G (sometimes he says g-daddy with a little pause between g and daddy), Mimi is me. Sometimes he calls me Ma haha.

He has trouble making the K sound – when I try to get him to repeat sounds, this one comes out as TH but I think that is pretty common. He tends to talk with sound effects like choo choo, broom broom, and other little noises.


With Christmas right around the corner, we’re keeping it simple this year. Jackson is getting 6 very simple and small toys/items.  I think I spent $25 on his “big Santa” gift. All his other gifts were under $10 and I picked them up from the clearance shelf.  I still have to get stocking stuffers – I think I’ll get things like toothbrushes, big boy undies, crayons, maybe finger paints, stickers and maybe a little book or 2.


I really just wanted to brag on my little boy for using the potty – go Jackson!

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