Our recent scare

Jackson has been sick with a mild cold for the last week or so but he had been feeling better when I took him to his well visit this last Friday.  Jackson had fluid in his ears bu the doctor didn’t seem too concerned since I told him he was getting over a cold.  Everything went well and the doctor asked if I would want Jackson to have the flu vaccine.  I asked a few questions about the vaccine and the current strain of flu going around as well as how his body would react since he was coming off of a cold.  I felt good about giving him the flu vaccine.  Oh – and they recommend that I take Jackson to a speech pathologist.  I’m a little sad about that.

Anyways, Sunday morning rolls around and he wasn’t very hungry and he looked more tired than usual.  All of a sudden he started throwing up.  A lot.  After he was done with that, I took his temp and it was 103.9 in the ear.  It’s scary to see such a big number! We gave him tylenol to get the fever down and I prayed he would keep it down.  He did. I was sitting on the floor in the bathroom holding him and his body just got limp and his head got heavy.  I opened his eyes and he wouldn’t respond.  I told my husband – we are going to the hospital right now!

Jackson was awake and his eyes were open in the car but you could tell he was just not there.  His teeth were chattering on the way to hospital – I felt like we would never get there.

When we walked into the emergency room, I think the tylenol started kicking in and I think Jackson was curious about where we were.  He was sitting up and sipping on his watered down juice. The nurse that saw him said his fever had dropped a good bit.  Jackson was tested for the flu and he also had a chest x-ray.  We wondered why he needed an x-ray and the doctor there said he needed to make sure his lungs were clear.  After waiting for about 2 hours or so, the doctor comes back and said Jackson had the flu and he also had a touch of pneumonia.  We were told the main thing was to keep him hydrated and keep the fever down.

Fast forward 3 days and he is MUCH better.  No fever, no throwing up – he is acting like his normal self. I can’t tell you how scared I was in the bathroom with him.

They prescribed a few things like tamiflu and an antibiotic (for the pneumonia) – both of which taste disgusting, apparently. We’ve looked up all kinds of ways to get Jackson to take them without spitting them out.  We had them flavored by the pharmacist and we’ve tried mixing it with other drinks or foods.  One thing has worked though and it surprised me how well it did work.

After Jackson spit out one dose of tamiflu, I about had a nervous breakdown.  After walking to the kitchen and calming myself down, I thought I would try something different.  I walked in with the syringe of antibiotics and asked Jackson if Raggedy Ann or Andy needed any medicine.  These are dolls that were favorites of mine when I was a kid. 🙂  He hurried off to his room and brought back Ann.  I pretended to give Ann the medicine and then told her to take a sip of juice to wash it all down.  Then I turned to Jackson and said ok, it’s your turn.  And wouldn’t you know, he took his medicine… just like Ann did. haha!

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