New Addition to the Family Coming February 2017!

12 week ultrasound sonograph

I’m having a baby!

Ater the blighted ovum I dealt with last year, I was hesitant to get pregnant again.  I was afraid I would miscarry again and I didn’t want to go through that hurt – again.  However, I also realized how much I was ready for this baby and I realized just how excited I was to have another child.

Anyways… the day before Father’s Day, I tested and the pregnancy test came back positive!  Oh my goodness I was so stinking excited – and so scared at the same time. The baby’s due date is February 18th… 179 more days to go!

I didn’t have my first midwife appointment until I was 11 weeks and 6 days along.  Can you say torture!? When I was with an OB/GYN I would have been in there at like 7 or 8 weeks getting an ultrasound.  I didn’t have an ultrasound until I was 12 weeks 3 days along.
12 week ultrasound sonograph

Any guesses on gender?  I won’t have another ultrasound until the 20 week anatomy scan.  It’s crazy how so many other women due in February already know what they are having…  Apparently there is some sneak peek test you can take and that’s how they are figuring out their baby’s gender.

What I’ll be doing differently this pregnancy

I went with an OB with my pregnancy with Jackson.  I’ve decided to have this baby at a birthing center and see midwives.  The choice had many reasons behind it.  First reason was I wasn’t happy with my hospital stay and delivery.  It just wasn’t what I was expecting or planned on.  Second reason is money.

I mentioned Samaritan Ministries before and since other members help with my medical bills, it’s my responsibility to be frugal and wise in choosing my medical care.  (If you want to join Samaritan’s Ministries, we’d love to be listed as your referral – Karoline Ussery, Georgia – we do get a referral credit if we are listed as your referral.)

Our medical bills with Jackson were crazy.  Just the hospital bills for Jackson and me were over $23,000 and that doesn’t even include the doctor bills. Granted, Jackson did get taken to the NICU but even if I eliminated his separate bills, my bills were over $12,000.  The birth center is nowhere close to that fee.  I’m getting the care that we need and also keeping my needs low for the other members of Samaritan Ministries.

So far, everything has been smooth sailing.  Jason and I visited and did a tour of the birth center after we found out I was pregnant and I’ve had two visits since.

They have traditional care and Prenatal Care Plus which is (at the time of this writing) six classes where at the end of the class, you do a brief check up.  Honestly, when I was with the OB, I would only see her every other visit and then it would only be like 10 minutes with the doctor.

I chose to do the prenatal care plus… it’s been so long since I had Jackson and I need all kinds of refreshers on what to expect.  😛 My first class is mid-September and that is just about the time that we will be starting our remodeling project to make room for baby.  I’ll definitely be writing about that too.  Stay tuned!

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