My Sweet Tea Catostrophe

My husband and I love sweet tea.  What can I say, we’re from Georgia.  Well, he decided since we go through sweet tea so quick, he would just make a ton of it at once and put it in our drink dispenser that I use for parties.

Smart, right? It might have been but we had a little issue.  See if you can tell what happened based on the following picture…

ImageNo? Well, let me tell you.  When the fridge door was closed, one of the shelves actually pressed the little lever down causing almost all the sweet tea to pour into my fridge.  Just thinking about it makes me upset.

This happened on one of those nights that Jason goes out to play a late night gig.  I’m home cleaning up.  I go to the kitchen to turn the lights out and then go to bed.  Thankfully, I notice a big puddle around the fridge.  O.M.Goodness!

At this point, tea was in the drawers in the fridge, under the fridge, behind the fridge, and all I could think about was our floor being ruined. I grabbed every single kitchen towel and threw them on the ground – hoping to absorb gallons of tea in those towels.

I started my cleaning at 9:45 PM and didn’t finish until about 11:30 ish.

ImageEww.. am I right? Seriously, this was the worst to clean up.  The floor was sticky, the fridge was sticky, I was sticky… Those drawers were filled with tea.  I pulled the bottom drawer out first to find a nice cup or so of tea.

Seriously – if you ever decide to put one of those dispensers in the fridge be more careful than me or you will be hating life.  I guess it could have been worse.  It could have happened when Jackson was awake and Jason wasn’t home.  That would have been a nightmare!

I eventually got everything cleaned up after moving the fridge and mopping the floor like 6-7 times.  I swear it still feels sticky but I think it’s all in my head.

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