My Secret Weapon

I have a problem.

I do not clean or organize or plan or prep or whatever if I’m not told to. I don’t know why – maybe it’s because as a kid I only did my chores when I had that little chore list and was rewarded for it lol (which lasted like a week).

While perusing the App Store on my iPad I found a solution to my problem and it only cost me about $8.00.

Motivated Moms has created a chore planner for the entire year and I use it daily.  They have Android Apps, iPod and iPhone Apps as well as the iPad App I use.  They also have an Ebook option which allows you to save it to your computer and print if you want.

I love it. It’s simple and it covers pretty much all household chores as well as things like “Read Titus 1-3” or “Read to Children”.

If you aren’t comfortable spending the $8.00 before trying it, they also have Lite Versions to try before you buy.

I still have the 2012 chore list but when January 1 rolls around, I will be buying the 2013 app.

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