My little man and his crazy climbing!

My son has been 1 for like what… maybe two weeks and seriously – a switch has been flipped. Just 3 weeks ago he was crawling around and barely walking and now I can’t keep him from climbing on everything!

He climbs into the kitchen cabinets…

IMG_20130615_111936_483Here he is climbing on the fireplace.. I could not get him off of it. Every time I got him down, he would go right back. Check out his nice farmer’s tan <3

ImageThis was my only solution… haha Jackson is determined and is super independent and maybe a little stubborn. Sooo yeah. Image

And here is a nice picture of him in his chair (thank you Vivi and G-Daddy) playing on momma’s iPad. This was right before he dropped my iPad on the ground and did a face-plant into those pillows placed around the chair. That is his preferred method of exiting his chair. My little goober. <3 I love my little man! Image

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