My Irrational Fears

While I was on my walk yesterday I realized that I have some crazy things I am afraid of.  These are things I don’t think everyone thinks about on a daily basis (but I do) Ok here goes…

1. Being killed by a falling airplane

I think I’ve seen too many movies where airplanes lose engine capabilities and go soaring out of the sky and crash on some expecting person.  I realized this fear while I was out on a walk and I saw a plane going down for a landing and my thoughts go to *if it comes this way, where do I have to run so I don’t get smashed* haha… yes but this is one of my less weird fears.

2. Sitting on a toilet and then being bitten by a snake

I always have to check my toilet for snakes or creepy crawlies. I know… weird, right? I have no idea why this is something that I think about. But seriously – that would be so creepy, awful, terrible to be bitten on the rear-end by a snake while doing your business.

3. Cracking an egg (only to find a dead baby chick)

This doesn’t hinder me from cooking breakfast in the morning but I always prepare myself for what I might find in an egg.  I don’t think this is too unusual…



  1. The whole being bitten by a snake on the toilet isn’t weird. I always think I can always picture it slithering up from that hole. Haha! I think I think about that everything I use the restroom too. Maybe we experienced something about this when we were younger?

    • haha – yeah It’s not hard to imagine snakes and things getting in those water lines. I’ve convinced myself this has happened (but sometimes I doubt it did and it was just a dream) that I was in that jacuzzi tub in the double wide and frogs were coming in through the jets! I guess I could put that as another weird fear… frogs coming out of the jets of a jacuzzi tub.

  2. Dad just said mom went to the bathroom at the shop and there was a copperhead behind it so maybe we were there at that time years ago. And I meant to put *i can always* haha.

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