Moving Already!?

My husband and I purchased our first home back in March of this year.  It’s a little 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home situated in a neighborhood right in Savannah. It was a foreclosure and before that it was a rental home so it was TRASHED.  We have done so much work to this house to make it livable.  Now, my husband is ready to move.

I can’t blame him.  The neighborhood is a little iffy and too close to the city.  We don’t have much land and the houses are very close to one another.  When we bought the house, we just accepted these things and kept reminding ourselves – it’s a good starter home!

This picture gives you a little clue as to what this house was like when we bought it.  Gross carpet, bland DIRTY walls, sliding glass door had a broken seal giving it a weird foggy look. Eww.

Living Room Before

Some of the things my husband has done so far…

  • Tore out old flooring
  • Laid new flooring
  • Gutted Kitchen
  • Installed new cabinetry in kitchen
  • painted trim and doors (some)
  • Replaced sliding glass door
  • Rebuilt fireplace mantle
  • Painted all the walls
  • Rebuilt front deck
  • Moved laundry room (by doing this he made the kitchen HUGE)This picture is our house now – sorry it isn’t from the same angle (but the sliding glass door looks so much better), a more inviting space with clean laminate floor that looks like wood, painted clean walls, in interesting fireplace – ahh just so much better.Living Room After

We want to have our house listed by March 16 so last night we sat down with the inspection report from when we bought the house and listed anything additional we want to do on the house before selling it.  Here is my husband’s schedule for the next couple months!

He works during the week so most of the work will have to be done on the weekends so his schedule is listed for the weekend.

Dec 29 & 30

  • Build bathroom vanity for master bath

Jan 4 & 5

  • Purchase and install vanity top 
  • Get water running to sink
  • Install mirror
  • finishing touches on master bath

Jan 11 & 12

  • Finish painting trim, window sills, doors, hardware, and ceiling fans

Jan 18 & 19

  • Repair/Rebuild Deck
  • Paint Deck

Jan 25 & 26

  • Garage door repair
  • Vinyl siding repair
  • Build handrail for garage steps
  • Trim palm tree

Feb 1 & 2

Feb 8 & 9

  • Fence repair
  • Pressure wash house, driveway, sidewalk, etc.

Feb 15 & 16

  • Install new front door
  • Build shutters
  • Paint garage doors, shutter, trim, and front door

Feb 22 & 23

  • Ceiling repair (patches look a little weird)
  • AC Line work (don’t really know what this is)
  • Finish attic insulation

March 1 & 2

  • Replace Windows

Wow! Is he crazy or what! We have left a little wiggle room between his last project and when we want to have the house listed.  In that time we will be doing touch ups, decluttering, cleaning, and making the house more “showable”. I’m going to TRY to follow this schedule and show you how it is coming along and maybe throw in some holy moly you bought THAT house kind of pictures lol.  Anybody want to help?

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