Making Pickles

Cucumbers getting prepped to become pickles


One of my strange pregnancy cravings when I was pregnant with Jackson was peanut butter and jelly and pickle sandwiches.  Seriously, it seems like I had one every day for lunch.  And of course I put chips on my sandwich too.  Yes, I got strange looks… lol.  A couple of summers ago I had a ton of cucumbers from the garden and I made multiple batches of pickles.  I really wasn’t into the gardening thing last summer and I’m following suit this summer.  It is so dern hot. I think I might try a fall  or winter garden.

Anyways, my mother-n-law brought a big bag of cucumbers (Thank You!) and they were small &  perfect for pickling. I lost a handful of them because I just waited too long but I got all my canning gear out today and made 4 pint jars and 1 quart jar of pickles.  I feel so accomplished.

The cucumbers I didn’t use for canning, I used to make cucumber cream cheese sandwiches.  There are tons of variations for the cucumber sandwich recipe.  I just sliced a cucumber, soaked the slices in Italian dressing for a few hours.  Spread some cream cheese on sandwich bread, and layered on some Italian dressing soaked cucumbers. Yum.

Back to pickling – If you haven’t made pickles before, it is so easy.

Some things you’ll need.

  1. Canning Jars  I like wide mouth jars for pickles.
  2. Water-bath canner or pressure canner… pickles require only a water bath.
  3. Canning Accessories at the least  you need a funnel and jar lifter and ladle.
  4. A pickling recipe and ingredients or grab a pickling mix like this one.
  5. Pickle Crisp Granules – This keeps your pickles from getting mushy.
  6. Cucumbers!
  7. Mandolin or a good knife.
    1. Last time I canned, I used a knife and it took me so much more time.  Mandolins are the way to go.

I was going to list out instructions and such but I’m no pro in the canning department, so here are some recipes and some good tips if you want to get to pickling. 🙂

While you’re looking over the links, I think I may go have a peanut butter & Jelly & Pickle sandwich. 😛



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