Kaylee Mae’s Birth Story

Water Birth

Well, she’s here and has been for the last couple of months.  I’ve finally been able to sit down and record our birth experience. So… here it is and it’s long!

Kaylee Mae was due on February 14th and it looked like she was waiting for her due date.  But, on Sunday, February 12th, I woke up with back pain and some painful back labor.  We called the midwife and she told us to call back when contractions are closer together.  They were about 7 minutes apart when I first called.

Boy, did those contractions hurt! It was all in my back too!  I decided to get in the bath to see if that would help with some pain and it did and the contractions actually slowed down.  So, I thought it might have been a false alarm – I was bummed.  I thought it was really going to happen.

I laid down on the couch and watched tv with Jackson while Jason was out doing yard work on the tractor.  Around noon, I woke up from a nap and something just felt different.  I stood up and instantly my water broke.  I rushed to the bathroom and sent Jackson to get his daddy.  He didn’t immediately comply and then saw I was standing in a puddle and I said, “Tell daddy that mommy’s water broke!”.   He didn’t understand but this was so unusual so he ran out and delivered the message.

So, we called the midwife again and again she said to wait for contractions (by this time the contractions were few and far between).  I cleaned up and got dressed and put on my handy dandy adult diaper – yes – I did. lol  And I was very thankful I had them too. Since my water broke, I continually leaked until I had her.

Since we live about 45 minutes away from the birth center, we decided to drive on in to my parent’s place which was maybe 10 minutes away from where I planned on having Kaylee Mae.

After dinner my contractions were getting stronger but still not close enough together.  My mom was concerned since my water had already broke so I called again and at that time, the midwife said come on and get checked.


I was only dilated to like 2 or 3 and wasn’t fully effaced.  AND my water wasn’t fully broke – I still don’t completely understand that. I think I had more than one sac of water.  I was so bummed! However, they did give me some options.  I could stay and do a round of birth combo tabs and walk for 2 hours around the center or something else (I can’t remember – I think maybe castor oil?) or go home and wait.

I decided to go back to my parent’s place and wait.  Jason and I walked up and down the private road a couple times and my contractions got more painful and started coming closer together.

I went upstairs and helped Jackson and my brother build a lego set while resting and my contractions slowed down. Around 8pm, they got really really painful and we decided to go back to the center to do the birth combo option.

I walked for 2 hours and every 15 minutes I would take 3 birth combo tabs.  After the 2 hours I had to stop walking and see if the contractions would continue or would slow since I was resting.

There was another girl that walked in while I was doing my 2 hour walk and she could barely walk to the exam room. When she came in, I felt like I was in a race to have my baby first. I know… weird lol.

At the end of my 2 hours, the midwife set up their front room to wait and see if the contractions continued or slowed down. The contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes at this point.  She came in to check on me and saw I was crying through the contractions and that’s when I was officially admitted – which was around 11 pm.

I got really scared about the fact I had no access to an epidural and thought about that at different moments through the night.  I immediately got in the shower to help with the pain.  Jason got in the bed and took a nap… Yes. He really did.

When I couldn’t stand in the shower anymore, I got out and rocked on the birthing ball.  Contractions were about 1-2 minutes apart and I was having trouble breathing through them.

At this point, I got checked again and was around 7 cm dilated.  I felt like this night would last forever.  I don’t know what time it was, but I got in the birthing tub to help with the pain.  Maybe it was around 12:45ish…

The birth tub helped so much with the pain. The contractions were getting stronger but I felt like I could handle them. I had a contraction and changed positions during it and immediately felt the need to push.   The midwives came in and were amazing. I was literally screaming through the contractions but Kristen, one of the midwives, talked me through each one and got me to breathe through them and use that energy to push.Water Birth

A few times, they said she had a full head of hair and asked if I wanted to feel and I said no the first time. It just weirded me out. Next time they mentioned it, I felt her little head of hair and wanted her out right then.  I think it may have been 2 more pushes after that and she was out on my chest.  Born at 1:57 AM on Monday morning. The other midwife in the room grabbed my phone and snapped a few pictures… LOVE!


It was absolutely amazing having my baby girl handed straight to me. She was so tiny and purple and covered in sticky white vernix. But the thing I really remember was how wide her eyes were and it was like she was looking right at us. After having a little time to recover and just stare at our baby girl, Jason cut the umbilical cord and I handed Kaylee Mae to the nurse.  I then had to hobble to the bed.

Kaylee Mae was laid on my chest – something I never got to experience with Jackson.  He was rushed to the NICU after I had him.  Measurements and things like that could wait for miss Kaylee Mae – I was having my time with my newborn baby girl.

First Time NursingWe giggled at the noises she made.  Jason said she sounded like a little parrot.  She started rooting around and I tried to get her to latch.  Blah  – Breastfeeding was hard with Jackson and I didn’t know it at the time, but it would be hard with Kaylee Mae too.


After about an hour of bonding time, it was time for me to get up and for Kaylee Mae to get measured.   She tinkled on the scale haha.. She weighed a whopping 5lbs and 13 oz and 18 inches long. Seriously – so tiny.

We spent a couple of hours trying to rest. Jason conked out on the bed next to me but I just couldn’t sleep. Kaylee Mae fell asleep on my chest and soon it was morning.

We left the birth center around 10 that morning after having our parents and big brother come by and visit. Jackson was a little unsure of it all at the birth center… As you can tell in the picture.

It was so surreal bringing home my baby girl – not even a day old.  Did I mention I had my baby first? lol!  The other girl was pushing as we were leaving… I think she had her baby at like 10:30 that morning.

Jackson was a little more excited about his baby sister when we were all home. <3 More posts to come about little Kaylee Mae 🙂


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