Jason and Grocery Shopping

So I ask my husband to go grab some milk from the store. He then proceeds to ask for some money… I’m thinking – I just looked in your wallet and you have money.

Let’s go back a bit.

Jason plays drums and he regularly plays gigs on the weekends. One morning after a gig he could not find his debit card. He just knew he left it at the place he played the night before. I cancelled the card like he asked me too.

Anyways, a week later he found his debit card stashed behind his ID (and the new one was never ordered… woops). We still haven’t ordered a new card. He has been living off of cash alone for the last 2 weeks or so.

So back to the grocery trip… He tells me he has to use the cash in his wallet to get him through the rest of the week since he didn’t have a debit card (see why I had to explain?)… ok whatever – I hand him the money plus a coupon just in case that brand was on sale but unadvertised.

About 15 minutes later he comes walking through the front door and the first sound I hear is glass clinking. Jason bought a 12 pack of beer. Yeah – that money had to get you through the week. MmHmm.

Funny how when men go shopping the grocery bill magically gets higher. For the last couple of weeks the grocery store has had whole milk at $3.45 but tonight it was $3.78.

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