jackson’s new year’s resolution

Based off of previous posts – I’m sure you can guess what my resolution is… drop the baby weight.

As for my son, who will be 7 months on the 10th, his is to lose the passy (paci, passy?).  I don’t think this will be too hard but it has been nice to give it to him in the car if he is fussy.  I know how hard it is to wean a child off of a paci when they are older…

So to avoid crying and back talk and such – I am taking it away now.  I believe he is passed the stage of sucking being beneficial for him and I don’t want the paci to mess with his teeth when they come in.

I read on mayoclinic.com that most kids wean themselves off the paci between 2 and 4…  did I just read FOUR!? Pacifier Stash

Yeah, I’m gathering all the pacifiers now and tossing them!

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