It’s a Girl!

Baby #2 is a girl!

Guys… I am ridiculously excited about expecting a baby girl. I was prepared mentally either way and was looking at the pros and cons of both. Having a boy would have been awesome for us financially since we have a junk ton of baby boy clothes we have been hanging onto plus Jackson wanted a little brother. But a little girl… y’all, I will not be the only girl in the house anymore!

baby girl at 21 weeks

I wish you could have been there to see Jason’s reaction when the ultrasound tech said – “It’s a girl!”.  He was totally speechless!  He had convinced himself that I was carrying another little boy even though this pregnancy has been off the charts – so different from when I carried Jackson.  During the ultrasound, our baby girl had her knees up to her face and feet above her head – it was so hilarious and looked a little uncomfortable but she looked completely content in there and we were told everything about her looks good and healthy!

I told my sister on the phone about us expecting a girl and while I was telling her, Jackson, who was in the backseat of the car says, “I don’t want a girl, I want a boy!” lol! Jackson was a little grumpy about it but he has really come around and is pretty excited to be a big brother to a little sister.

My niece – who is the only niece on my side of the family is super excited.  She is getting a baby girl cousin in the same month as her birthday.  A few months ago, she told me I wouldn’t have to buy her a birthday present if I was having a baby girl because that would be her present. I love it.

Naming Baby

We had a name picked out and ready to go if baby was a boy – Jameson Melvin.  I love the name Jameson and Melvin is my dad’s middle name and also the name he goes by.  Chase, you can save that name for your little boy <3.  Picking a girl’s name was difficult for me.  My name is Karoline and most of the girl’s in my family have K names.  I was torn to stick with the K name tradition or move onto something else.

I really wanted a family name but none of the K names in our family tree called out to me.  I mean… Kezia was the only ancestor name that started with a K, with the exception of my immediate family.  I looked for another name in the family tree that I liked… Many ancestors were names Mary or Eliza but I wanted something a little different.  On my husband’s side the family, Adeline popped up – I think it was his 3rd great grandmother and I fell for that name.

My husband had different ideas though.  He wanted to stick with tradition and pick a K name.  We narrowed it down to 4 names.  One of which was Khloe.  I liked Khloe because my mom was called Zoe before she was adopted so it was like a take on that name but every time I see Khloe, I think Kardashian and I just can’t do it.

I asked my son what his favorite name of the 4 was and he said Kaylee and immediately my heart fell for Kaylee.

So… We’ll be calling our daughter Kaylee Mae Ussery. <3 I just love it.

Getting Ready for Baby Girl

My sister saved a handful of baby girl things from when my niece was teeny tiny and I am so grateful!  She was one well dressed baby girl so we got a few cute outfits already.  I brought down a bunch of baby clothes that were saved from my son and nephews hoping to find a few gender neutral items. Y’all – there were bags and bins full of clothes.  I pulled out a couple of yellow and white or neutral colored outfits but, y’all, I gotta dress my baby girl in pink…

Some of the items that were boyish, I passed on to my husband’s coworker who has little boy and some of the clothes went to a consignment shop. I’m hoping to bring in a little money to put in our baby budget.  My sister is done having babies and I’m pretty sure we’re done after this one so no need to hold on to clothes… I do have a little brother but I think he’s a long way out from having any kids (he is 8 years younger than me… so).

Now that we know what we are having, I am in full “let’s get the house ready for baby” mode.  It is driving me bonkers that the kids new rooms aren’t done but my husband has done a lot on that side of the house.  I’ll have to write about his adventures in remodeling our master into 2 bedrooms and a hall later.  It was crazy… that’s all I’m saying right now.  But the rooms aren’t done yet so I have baby things coming in and just getting stacked up in bins until I have a place to put it all.

Since this will (probably) be my last baby and only little girl, I’ve decided to embrace pink.  The baby’s room will have light gray walls with white bead board and white furniture.  Sheets and blankets and accents and things will be a light pink.  Jackson gets to decorate his new room too.  He wants his room to be blue and he will have a natural wood bead board… and he’ll probably have batman accents because he is totally obsessed with batman and all superheros right now.

My son is wanting to do legos now, so I gotta run!

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