I’m Gonna Say It

I’m just going to come right out and say it… I do not like some couponers.  I realize I am a couponer BUT I also realize there are others who want to take advantage of good deals.

This past week I went to Kroger EVERY DAY to take advantage of Bayer Aspirin Low Dose Chewables priced at $1.99 – look below to see the awesome money saving deal I would have had…

I get there and figured that it would not be on the shelf – I mean it was an awesome deal.  I find the person that stocks the shelves and she (Emily) told me she ordered more and they would be in the next day.  I thanked her, grabbed some free Tostitos salsa and hoped for the best the next day.

The next day: After Jason had left for work, after Jackson had been fed and bathed, and after I loaded him and his diaper bag and my crazy looking self into the car – we were on our way.  Got to Kroger just to get the Bayer products and sure enough they were gone again.  I asked Emily if the shipment came in and she said she stocked the shelves that morning and ONE lady (the same lady that bought a bunch before) came in and bought all 22 boxes. – Seriously… TWENTY TWO.

Emily told me that because of that transaction – that Kroger would be implementing a limit on same deal/coupons per transaction. It would be a limit of 5 similar coupons per transaction.  If that comes to pass – we’ll see.

Emily also told me she ordered more and said she would hold some for me so I could take advantage of the deal.  I told her I just wanted 2 and didn’t care about what flavor.  I was excited about the deal I was going to get and was pleased that Emily helped me out so much.

Unfortunately, the shipment didn’t come in and they weren’t able to have it stocked until after 6/30 – after my $4 off 2 coupon expired.  Bummer.

I was still able to get the deal but I only had one $2 off 1 coupon so I didn’t miss out completely.  Missing that deal because I only had 1 paper with inserts really makes me want to go recycle bin diving and look for coupons that were thrown out. (I do this but only grab what I see or what’s right on top)

SO instead of my transaction looking like this…

2 – Bayer Aspirin Chewables 36 ct $1.99

  • Use $4 off 2 (expired) = FREE
  • PLUS $3 off your next purchase coupon
  • Woa – that would have been profit $3.00

My transaction looked like this…

2 – Bayer Aspirin Chewables 36 ct $1.99 each

  • Used $2 off 1 from RP 6/23 I think … = $.99 each
  • I got $3 coupon for my next purchase (which I used on milk the same day)

So it wasn’t a total loss…

I’ve done my share of stocking up but I always make sure to leave some on the shelf.  I’m hesitant to grab the last box or bottle of something, especially if I already have one or two in my hand.

What I’m trying to say – when it comes to couponing please be courteous and think of others.  I know the deal was flipping awesome but you (the lady who bought 22 boxes) ruined it for others.

There is this one lady in my neighborhood that has a yard sale like every other week and sells pretty much only pharmacy or beauty related products – I bet it was her.

I think I’m done venting for the night.  I’ve convinced myself it’s a bad idea to go talk to the yard sale lady… I was seriously planning a trip over to her “yard sale” tomorrow and see if she had 22+ boxes of Bayer Chewables.  haha

This wouldn’t have burned me up so much had my Kroger Grocery trip panned out the way I hoped.  I’m really getting tired of seeing empty shelves.   🙁

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