I forgot what sleep was like

My son has been a fantastic sleeper up until a month ago when he got sick.  It was the day after Thanksgiving when he showed symptoms of a nasty little cold.  That cold triggered an ear infection that stuck around for over 2 weeks (treated with two different types of antibiotics). I thought we were getting out of this sick phase but Jackson started getting worse – not better!

Yesterday his temp got up to 101.9 and he threw up from crying and he was just snotty and coughing all day.  My husband called the doctor’s office when he got home and they agreed Jackson should be seen if his temp continues or rises and if he starts messing with his ear again.  For the night time, they prescribed Jackson something for his cough and congestion.

Let me back up – the night before last was terrible. He woke up about 4 times and the last time he would not lay down in his crib.  I had to hold him and rock him just for him to sleep. 🙁

So, last night I gave him his bottle laced with some new meds and out he went! He only woke once around 2AM which was when the meds should have been wearing off.  New dose and another bottle and he slept until 7:30.

I forgot how good sleep feels. Ahh.

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