How did he get there!?

My son doesn’t crawl, he doesn’t do complete rolls, and he makes a big stink if you put him on his belly.  So how in the world does he travel nearly two feet OVER obstacles?  err – please excuse the mess in the pic 😛

Here’s how the story goes. I put him on his belly in the middle of all those waterproof pads.  And if you are wondering why he has no diaper on, he has had a terrible diaper rash ever since he started his antibiotics for his ear infection. His hiney needed some diaper free time to air out.

Anyways – I walk away to do some tidying up – and I come back to him off the pads and behind the boppy pillow.

HOW DID HE DO THAT? I still haven’t figured it out. Oh and he usually hates laying on his belly so I find it amusing that I found him on his belly and playing with the tag (of all things) on the boppy pillow – completely happy.


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