Honey, will you clean the high chair?

My son is almost 6 months old and we have decided to try this crazy thing called baby-led weaning.  It’s where you add solids to your baby’s diet.  Except, they’re not pureed – you give them a whole carrot (just steamed for it to be soft).  Just type in baby-led weaning on YouTube and you will be amazed at what these kids are eating!

Tonight, we opted for sweet potato sticks.  These were pretty yummy. All I did was peel the skin off, cut them into wedge or fry shape and then coat with olive oil and cinnamon and bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. I was so excited to watch my little guy grab them up and eat them.  After all was said and done, my son was covered with mushy sweet potatoes.   I swear none was eaten.  It was just smeared all over the chair cover, the tray, and the seat itself.  Jackson would smush it in his hands and then rub his face or rub the chair. It was so cute and then the realization hit – we have to clean this up.  So I gave my husband the option so he couldn’t  just say yes or no…

Me: Would you like to go bathe the baby or do you want to clean the highchair?”

Jason: (watching Revolution on Hulu) “I’ll clean the chair.”

Halfway through bath time I yell out “Remember to clean the chair, I don’t want you getting to the end of the show and then saying you have to go do some ultra-important thing.”

Jason: “OK”

So now I’ve got my son all clean and smelling like a clean baby should and dressed in his footy pj’s and the highchair is… clean! (I thought)

I hear the washing machine on out in the garage and assumed he had cleaned the whole thing and threw the cover in the wash. Yay – right??

I was too distracted to go check his handy work. For the last three nights my son has either been teething, gassy, or dealing with the beginnings of an ear infection (or all three) so I was preoccupied with him trying to settle him down and get him to sleep and then ultimately having to call his pediatrician while the hubby put Jackson to sleep (awe).

When the dust settled and the baby fell asleep I felt like… I can finally sit down… ummm no.

I look at the high chair (minus the cover since that made it’s way to the wash)… it is still covered in that once mushy sweet potato but now it has morphed into this crusty stuck like rubber cement to highchair mess. Ok seriously???

I walk into the kitchen to grab a towel only to notice that the tray (also covered in sweet potatoes) is sitting in the sink. I guess that is his idea of cleaning the highchair.  Thanks, babe.

Next time, he will be bathing the baby.

P.S. Thanks for letting me vent.. I feel better.

My husband wants me to mention that he is now working on making our fireplace look awesome.  I’ll have to write a post on it later ;P

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  1. I am not sure what part I loved most of all!! Thank you for the laugh!! The part about “So I gave my husband the option so he couldn’t just say yes or no…”, you are one smart woman!!

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