Hives on my Poor Baby


Believe it or not… I thought this was a reaction to mosquito bites.  I have a really terrible reaction to mosquito bites – I swell and the bites take on strange shapes… Back to the baby. The hives look terrible in the picture and yes it was pretty bad! Jackson had hives on his face, head, neck, arms, and legs.  However, they only lasted for maybe 5 minutes.  They may have only lasted a short amount of time but they kept popping up throughout the day.

I called his pediatrician and they said it would definitely not be bug bites since bug bites don’t come and go.  They also said that we would probably not ever know what started this reaction.  There is a huge list as to what can cause hives.

Four things that could have triggered his hives (in our case)

  1. Mosquito Bite – I’m pretty sure I saw one in his room that night.
  2. Food Allergy – We let him gnaw on a corn cob during dinner.
  3. Drug Allergy – We just started giving him Motrin.
  4. Illness – Jackson has had a cough/cold and an ear infection for the last 2-3 weeks.

Until his ear infection is gone and he is all better from this nasty little cold, we will be avoiding corn, Motrin, and we will try to stay away from mosquitoes.  His doctor said when he is better I could try the Motrin and see if he has the same reaction (she gave me dosage instructions for an antihistamine).

Here is some info on hives that I found helpful.


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