Hide and Seek with Jackson

Today is my husband’s and my anniversary.  So it should have been an awesome day – well it didn’t go as well as we planned.  Our morning started out the normal way – but then… Jason made some coffee and put it a little too close to the edge of a table.  Just a couple weeks ago, Jackson could not reach the stuff on this table… well I’m sure you see where I’m going here.  Jackson grabs the coffee cup and hot coffee goes all over Jackson AHHHHHH!!! I’m freaking out.. like omgoodness – Jackson is going to have 1st degree burns freaking out.  I rip his shirt off of him and rush him to the tub. 

Jackson was crying – I think it scared him more than burned him.  His skin was only red and his skin is fine now.  The redness faded within minutes (Thank you, Lord!)  So that was a fun start to the morning – yeah.

Well, Jason was cleaning up all the coffee and I was getting Jackson dressed and ready for breakfast.  While dressing him, I let him play with my phone.

Fast forward about 45 minutes:  I’m packing up the car and getting ready to go shopping when I realize I don’t know where my phone is.  This would be an awesome time for Jackson to start talking – haha. Anyways, I search the house up and down, in and out, pull everything out – I can’t find it!

Jackson has been going through this thing where he likes to put things in baskets and buckets.  So I check all his toy bins, the laundry baskets – anything that he could get in to.

30 minutes later I unpacked the car – feeling completely defeated and moody.  I don’t have a land line and my internet was acting up so I was completely cut off!  Jackson went down for a nap and I continued my search.

Still Nothing.

After lunch and after our afternoon shopping trip and right after I spilled 5 ounces of milk all over the floor (yep – let’s just layer it on), my mom stops by to make sure I’m ok- haha.   Remember I was cut off.

I told her all about it. I mentioned how I found the remote in the laundry basket so she says – have you checked all the trash cans?

Our trash can stays locked up under our sink… But this morning Jason was cleaning up the coffee with paper towels and he moved the trash can next to him while cleaning. So, I peek into the trash can and move around some garbage and sure enough – covered in coffee grounds and under some wet paper towels is my phone. 

Jackson saw his daddy throwing stuff in the trash can…  so like father, like son?  He was just trying to help right… I mean how can you be upset with my little Jackson. 🙂

Thank you mom for being brilliant!



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