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In my last post, I talked about cloth diapering and stuff and yesterday I sat down and got to it.  Jackson didn’t go to school again since they have a 24 hour rule.  He can go back 24 hours after symptoms but he was completely fine yesterday. Thank you, Lord!  During bedtime prayers the other day, Jackson asked God to make his tummy feel better and he woke up saying he felt better.  Since Jackson was home and feeling better, he was so energetic and just ahh! A little bit crazy lol.  He did help with my projects where he could but for the most part, he was busy playing (loudly) with his legos and superhero action figures.

Newborn Diaper

First, I cut out my fabric for the newborn diaper cover I had planned on sewing – pattern from  After cutting, I started putting snaps on and quickly tired of that – especially since I can’t find the awl that goes with my snap pliers.  I think I probably put it in a “safe place” since I have a very curious little four year old that can and has gotten into my sewing and craft things.  And… now I can’t find it. It must be in a very safe place. haha.  I took a break from doing snaps and decided to examine all that flannel I had mentioned in my last post.

flannel rag quilt
Flannel rag quilt – completed around 2014.

Flannel Wipes

I sewed up a rag quilt for Jackson a while back which actually turned out to look super girly even though I chose boyish colors.  I just couldn’t stay away from the girly prints.  So, I’ve got lots of flannel in girly prints but blueish colors. One flannel is super soft and I remember trying to use cloth wipes with Jackson and always felt they were rough on his hiney.  Since this flannel is so soft and I really didn’t have enough to make a good size blanket or anything, I made a handful of wipes/washcloths.

I’m glad I sewed up the wipes first because I needed some practice on this sewing machine.  I have a singer sewing machine and a brother sewing machine and would normally choose the brother first.  It has a drop in bobbin and it never really gave me any issues (until now… I think the timing is off or something).  The singer is a front load bobbin – I’m not sure of the terminology here but that’s how the bobbin goes in – in the front. It always seems that when I put a new bobbin in, it always takes a try or 2 for the bobbin thread to catch and not knot the whole machine up.  Again… sewing terminology – nada.

After having a few knotted up messes, I realized what was happening and thankfully resolved the issue before moving onto sewing up the diaper which is made with PUL material and that alone can be frustrating.

sewing projects - flannel wipes and newborn diaper cover
My completed sewing projects from Oct 20, 2016. Flannel wipes and newborn diaper.

Back to the diaper

On to that sweet little newborn diaper.  Isn’t it adorable!?  I had to really think about WHY I had pink PUL in the first place.  A few years ago, I ordered some PUL and other diaper related products from an online store and they had a promo going.  The promo was something like get a free item when you spend X amount of dollars.   I was disappointed with the fabric at the time but I guess God knew what He was doing… I’m having this little girl in February so pink with snowflakes will be alright for her. 🙂

That diaper took some time. If I sew up another newborn diaper, it will have a velcro closure.  Those snaps are so time consuming and I don’t mind them for one size diapers.  I remember Jackson ripping off his velcro diapers once he figured out how, so snaps are my friend on diapers for older babies.  However, a newborn diaper doesn’t need snaps and I don’t need that frustration lol. This diaper has a total of 26 individual snaps.  Between not having an awl and having a 4 year old want to do the pliers for every snap, this. took. forever.  But, Jackson really enjoyed making something for his baby sister and we honestly had so much time to kill yesterday so it wasn’t all that bad.

Jackson did want to help when it came to the actual sewing.  He said he could do the pedal… ahaha – no. lol  Pedal to the metal! I could just see it now.  After convincing him to play with his toys while mommy sewed, I got to sewing but quickly had an interruption. Jackson walked up to me and randomly said, “Daddy fights giants with guns.” hmm. Does he now?  haha. I honestly have no idea what goes through that little boys’ noggin.  I love hearing his random thoughts through the day. <3

A couple pointers for sewing up a PUL diaper.

  1. Make sure you have a reinforcement layer of PUL where you put the snaps
  2. Use a walking foot when sewing PUL

Next project…

This is the floral seersucker fabric I have.
This is the floral seersucker fabric I have.

I’ve got some girly seersucker sitting here just staring at me and I’m thinking of sewing up a little baby dress or one of those criss-cross open back outfits with matching bloomers.  I probably won’t start on that until next week but I need to do something with this adorable fabric.

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