Grease Stain – GONE

So, my husband and I are selling our home and we have some stains in the carpet that just wouldn’t come out.  I tried baking soda, borax, carpet cleaner, dry cleaning solvent – pretty much everything.  But then Buncha Farmers Stain Stick came into my life.

Before & After

The Busy Momma | Grease / Oil Stain Removed

All I did was wet the carpet a little, rub the stick over the spots, scrub a little, then I used my little green machine spot cleaner using only water – just to get the soapy feel out of the carpet.   I am AMAZED.  Those were some tough little grease spots.  Now, I don’t know if they suggest using it on carpet but this was my last ditch effort to get the stains out.  After seeing it work on Jackson’s 2 month old stained diaper – I said what the hey… I’ll try it!

Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting it to work on carpet and especially not a grease stain like this one.  Very glad I tried it as my last ditch effort.

I have also used this on  some pants of Jackson’s that had some crazy stains from his dinner.   I’m always battling food stains on Jackson’s clothes.  Here is one example…

First, I wet the garment with water…

Tomato - based Food Stain

Next, I rub the stain remover stick over the stain.


   Then, I take my brush and scrub the stain.


You can already tell a difference in the stain.  Wash as usual.


Enjoy your clean non-stained clothes. 🙂

Clean Pants

I feel like if I find something that works – I gotta share it!


  1. I bought mine from Tater Bugs of Savannah… They have an online store (link in blog above pictures) as well as a physical store in Pooler off of 95 – exit 102. But you should be able to find it on Amazon and cloth diapering stores.

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