Get Ready for Prime Day

So Amazon’s prime day (July 11th, 2017) starts tonight at 9:00 P.M.

I’ve been checking out the upcoming deals section and I’m seeing a few things I can go ahead and get for the kids everyday stuff and some early Christmas shopping. This is only for Prime Members so go ahead and sign up. Your first 30 days are free! 
During prime day, you can get 20% back on select items with your Amazon Prime Card.  20% back is kind of a big deal in my book – pair that with a day of deals –

I’m on board. Plus, when I signed up, I received a $40 Amazon gift card.  I’ve seen some people get $10 and some up to $40 so I’m not sure how they figure who gets what.
Use the following link to sign up for your Amazon Store Card. 20% back on select items on Prime Day with an Amazon Prime credit card. When I signed up, I was instantly approved and my Amazon Card info was in my account and ready to use.  I’ll also be getting the actual card in the mail in a few days.
I generally don’t advocate the use of credit cards but if you plan on paying them off each month and they offer 20% back and then 5% back every other day, I think it might be worth it.
Amazon has been my life since baby #2.  I rarely go into the store anymore.  That extra 5% might just pay for a portion of my annual membership before the year is over.

20% back on select items on Prime Day with an Amazon Prime credit card

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