FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)

If you haven’t seen this – go now and read it.  FYI (if you’re a teenage girl). This mother has it together.  And you better believe this is how we will treat computer time/Facebook/social media with Jackson.

I would like to add a note to the mother’s message – girls, those photos are forever.  You take that picture or video and post it and you will never get it back.  You think you are just taking a provocative pic for a boy you like so you text it… yeah – it’s out there and don’t think he won’t text it to his friends.  I guess I shouldn’t exclude the boys – I know you take pictures and send them to your girlfriend… well guess what. It’s forever.

I remember my youth pastor had some extra huge shirts and if the girls showed up wearing skimpy clothes at church, they would have to wear an extra huge shirt.   As a teen, I loved that.

I’m still amazed what women – grown women – with husbands, will wear to church.  Of all places you would think that would be the place to not have to worry about your sons or just men in general seeing something they shouldn’t.

My husband once brought a friend of his to our church.   He said he LOVED the music, LOVED the preaching, LOVED the message and conviction. BUT, there were so many women wearing skimpy clothes, it distracted him.  He hasn’t been back.

I think it would be kind of hilarious if there was a box at the entrance of the church with HUGE shirts or better yet, long flannel robes. If you are wearing something that could be distracting – you have to wear it.  hahaha.

But seriously, leave your short skirts, tight, low cut shirts, and street walker heels at home.

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