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The Busy Momma Before After Fence Repair

The Busy Momma Before After Fence RepairSo we have pretty much tossed our schedule. Money is tight right now so we have skipped to the things that don’t require tons of cash.  Vanity = money so we have skipped that for now.  Jason did an awesome job cleaning around the fence and repairing it.  Which required a lot more than just replacing a few boards.  I’ve got some pictures to explain.

Behind the Fence – Before

I know what you are thinking… What fence?  Behind all those vines and trees and brush, there is a fence. This took a lot of time and we got pretty dirty in the process.  You wouldn’t believe what we found back there… an old chair, pond pump, an old dirty diaper *gag*, and just random trash. (and my husband just mentioned a litter box – EWW)Behind Fence Before

Behind the Fence – After

It was worth the time… ahh – it feels good to get something done! (yes.. Jason did most of  the work) lolBehind Fence After

The Fence – Before

Those vines and trees behind the fence had grown right up on the fence, underneath the fence, and through the fence!  The fence was crooked and just messed up!Fence Before

See what I mean? It was trashed! There was once a small water feature to the right of the willow tree – Jason had to level the ground out there as well as pull out tons of vines from the ground.Fence Before

Here’s Jason tearing down the fence!  This took a lot more work than he originally thought.Jason Working on Fence

Fence – After

Super straight! No ups or downs… nice.  We used the original boards (did I mention we have no money!?)  Jason just cut the bottoms  off.  A lot of them were rotted since they were in the ground a good ways.Fence After

Fence After

Jason also repaired both of our gates.

Both of which I could not operate before they were fixed since they sagged and would get stuck in the dirt.Working Gate

We have crossed Repair Fence off our list!


  1. Are we not blessed women to be married to men that can repair/fix anything??? Although I must say I personally find them a little intimidating!

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