Favorite Toy Round-Up (Four Year Old Boys)

Jackson just recently had his 4th birthday and I had lots of questions about what toys he would like or what he likes to do.  He got lots of batman stuff which is his favorite right now… Yesterday he told me he wasn’t Jackson anymore – he was batman. haha

Some of Our Favorite Toys


The kits come with a booklet that shows you how to build certain things but honestly, Jackson likes making his own stuff.  Right now, magformers are his favorite indoor toy.  He plays with them everyday and while he is playing I can see his little mind at work, trying to figure out how to make a cube or a pyramid.  He frequently makes little boxes out of cubes and puts a “present” in the middle and sings happy birthday to me while I open the magnetic box.  Not to mention, cleaning up is so easy.  They are magnetic so just scoop them all up and you are done.


Jackson started out with his balance bike and when Jason put him on his pedal bike, he picked it up really quickly.  Ever since he learned how to ride, he is out at least an hour everyday on his “motorcycle” or  as I like to call it, his bicycle. Kids need to be active and outside for more than just a few minutes everyday and Jackson is definitely getting his outside active time on his bicycle.

Outdoor Trucks

When Jackson isn’t on his bike, he is playing in the sand pile out back with his trucks.  Recently we had a big rain and we had a super muddy driveway and Jackson dug up mud, put it in his dump truck and dumped the mud somewhere else.   Yes, boys get dirty and muddy but that’s boys and you just have to let them.   Boys need their own designated digging spots in the yard.  If you don’t have a special digging spot, you are eventually going to find holes in the middles of your yard.  We started with a sand table when we had a smaller yard but he still got into my potted plants.  lol I don’t know what it is about dirt but boys love to be covered in it.


This is one of those duh recommendations.  It’s a known fact that many little boys love to build and legos are easy to assemble and stay together as opposed to wooden blocks.  We’ve picked up mismatched lego sets at yard sales but Jackson loves putting together sets that go together.  He has a farm animal set that came with a board book and he really enjoys putting those together while reading through the book.

Batman Stuff

This is stuff unique to Jackson but I have found that MANY little boys around his age love all things superheroes and batman has become a favorite among Jackson’s friends.  My mom got Jackson a voice changing helmet that is seriously hilarious.  My sister and I put together Jackson’s toys while wearing the voice changing helmet and had our own fun… haha!  Jackson enjoys it too but he can’t wear it long because it bothers his nose.  If I’m speaking truthfully, it’s kind of nice when he decides to take it off because while it is so funny, it can get a little annoying.  He also got a batman helmet for when he rides his bike so that’s cool.  Here are a couple of batman things Jackson got that he loves.

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