Double Ear Infection & Bronchiolitis

After a weekend of what I thought was just a nasty cold, I decided to take Jackson to get checked out by the pros.  I almost didn’t since his temperature was back to normal but something in me pushed me to take him in.  I’m so glad I did.

Jackson was diagnosed with a double ear infection and bronchiolitis (a type of respiratory infection).  Jackson has already taken two types of antibiotics for his first ear infection so it’s on to his third, Bractin.  The doctor said it was more mild than Augmentin (which wreaked havoc on Jackson’s tummy) so I wasn’t too concerned with diaper rash.

I have to disagree with what the doctor said about this antibiotic being more mild.  He has had diarrhea since the second dose.  I sent Jason out to get some max strength diaper rash cream as well as an otoscope so we can check his ears instead of guessing whether or not he has an infection.   Now I just need to figure out what I’m looking at when I take a gander in his ear.

He also got a shot of rocephin and is now doing breathing treatments with albuterol every 4 hours. I’m sure you can guess how giving a baby a breathing treatment it… exhausting!  breathing treatmentI don’t like letting him watch tv but it’s the only way I can clip his fingernails and now it’s the only way I can give him his breathing treatment without a big fuss.  We got a cute little fish mask for his machine (not that he cares).  It’s still tough when he is watching tv because I can’t just strap it around his head (major baby breakdown) and I can’t let it touch his face or he will start trying to chew on the mask.  I have found the only effective way is to have him sit in my lap and hover it in front of his face.

I’m hoping his ear infections clear so we don’t have to go do more shots or tubes in ears.  Pray for my little Jackson that he might feel better.

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