DIY Initial Bow Holder

Bow Holder
My DIY Bow Holder

I was looking for an easy and out-of-the-way option for organizing bows and I didn’t want a bin of bows and I didn’t like anything I found at the stores.

While shopping for bows, the cashier threw out the idea of getting her wooden initial (or initials if you have a ton of bows) and attach ribbon to the bottom.

On a whim, I visited a craft store and found some sweet ribbon and her initial and I was ready to go. I had paint samples from lowes that I could used to paint it pink.  All this happened pre-baby and when my son was hanging out with daddy.  These on a whim shopping trips no longer happen anymore haha…

Here’s what you need…

Bow Holder
My DIY Bow Holder
  1. Wooden Initial (or initials)
  2. Hot glue gun
  3. Ribbon
    1. I used Vintage Blush Rose Antique by Celebrate It Aria
  4. Paint and brush (optional)
  5. Wall Screws

I painted first and allowed it to dry and then flipped it over and glued the ribbon to the back. Now mount on the wall and you’re done. Super simple, cute and totally customized for your girls room.

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