Diet… Fail

Can I be honest with you?? I fail at diets!  It has been not even two weeks and I’m stuffing my face with pizza.  geez.

I have this problem.. when I tell myself I’m on a diet I throw out all the major things I see around the house try for a fresh start.  Except in the next few days I feel like I’m having sugar withdrawals and I NEED to eat something sweet.

So for the last week or so it’s been hot chocolate.  That is gone – effective yesterday.

Today, I enjoyed a slice of cake with my mom and then pizza and a can of mountain dew.  Even with all that crap I get home and (just because I’ve told myself I’m on a diet) I feel deprived.

So what do I do? Search the pantry shelves for something sweet… something that doesn’t follow the diet guidelines.

What is wrong with me!?

I’m now enjoying one of my most favorite snacks… you may think it is gross but I am in love with this flavor mixture.  Pears, mayonnaise, and cheese. YUM lol

It’s called pear salad – it’s a real thing (minus the cherry).

Not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow.  I have got to get my head in this! I keep telling myself I’m not restricting myself from things I would like… just don’t eat as much.  But I can’t trick myself into thinking I’m not on a diet.  I just wish exercising was a little more fun and eating healthy was a little more delicious.


  1. I am awful too! What I did was dieted really hard during the week, then ate what I wanted on the weekends. I lost 15lbs in a month.

    • It makes sense to give yourself a day or two “off”. I think my problem is when it comes to my day off – I go a little crazy. That’s a huge amount of weight to lose in a month! I’m hoping for 1-2 pounds a week.

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