Cloth Diapers… Here we go again…

So, it’s been some time since I cloth diapered. My son is now 4 so he has been out of diapers for like 2 years. Apart from the once in a blue moon night time accident, it’s been smooth sailing in the potty department.

Now that baby girl is on the way, I’ve been pulling out clothes and diapers and blankets from Jackson and cousins and I’ve been sorting and weeding out the really boyish stuff.  I’m excited that I’ve got 2 bins of baby girl clothes now – thanks to my sister holding on to a few things from her daughter and my neighbor that had a box of girly things. Below is just 1 bin of baby things that I found in the attic today.  Baby Girl Clothes

Diapers though – I had to trash a bunch because the PUL was cracked and just not worth even trying to fix.  I opened the diapers I had stashed away and was hit with a smell like ammonia… I’m going to blame the PUL cracking and the ammonia smell on the diaper detergent I made way back when…

I’ve since done some (more) research and will be following the Fluff Love University wash routine and suggestions.  So, I pretty much just over-complicated things when it came to washing diapers years ago.  About a month ago, I switched to the laundry detergent, Persil, and love it – I mean it is the #1 detergent according to consumer reports this year.  And according to Fluff Love University, it’s on the approved list of detergents.  I don’t have time to be making any fancy, complicated diaper detergents this time around especially if they damage diapers and don’t get them completely clean… Keeping it simple and effective. 🙂

On another note – while looking in the attic for baby things, I found my singer sewing machine and that got me looking for fabric.  After struggling up in the attic with some big boxes I found a box of fabric with a ton of flannel but I also found a little stash of PUL and stay-dry fabric.  I think I may just have to donate all the extra flannel to Bundles for Babies.PUL fabricYay! I still don’t know where my snaps and elastic are but I can at least get started on the shells. I even found I have 1 diaper already cut… but it’s camo lol!  I guess I’ll have to find those snaps and hope I have some girly colors to put on it.

Now – do I want to sew up pocket diapers like I used with Jackson or do I want to do covers? I will still use a handful of pocket diapers that I had from Jackson plus a couple I just bought. But, part of me wants to avoid sewing up pocket diapers and just try covers and prefolds or flour sack towels for a little while.  I just need to get into the swing of sewing again.

Since my purchased pocket diapers probably won’t fit a newborn, I may sew a few covers sized just for newborns and see how I like it.  The pattern I used for Jackson’s pocket one size diapers can be found at  The blog has a ton of patterns you can use.  Here is the newborn cover pattern/tutorial I’m thinking of trying – also from

With Jackson, the diapers leaked all the time from compression leaks with the microfiber inserts so I got rid of a bunch of microfiber inserts and pretty much only have bamboo and zorb inserts and a bunch of prefolds and flat cotton diapers.  I want to get some hemp inserts and try those out as well.

Well, I’m off to tend to my sick boy today and maybe print out that newborn pattern and get to work.  Jackson woke up with an upset tummy.  Of all the days.. he gets sick on field trip day and speech therapy day.  He was looking forward to going to the pumpkin farm and then seeing his favorite speech therapist, Miss Madison.  Poor little man.  He is feeling much better and has just been chilling on the couch for most of the day.

And if you are curious… I am 22 weeks and 4 days along with baby girl.


  1. Congratulations on expecting your new little one. I am very impressed on how you use the cloth diapers!! When you do create your new ones please post them so we can see!! I hope your other little one feels better soon.

    • I will share when I get a couple done! I’m excited to do some new things I couldn’t with a little boy like having a little ruffle butt diaper 🙂 <3

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