Cloth Diaper Update

So I think I’m in the home stretch of cloth diapering and have been a little bummed about no more cute fluff n stuff on Jackson’s hiney. I know – weird, but I think other clothing diapering moms might relate.  We are entering the world of pull-ups and pottys and I think I’m just sad my little guy is growing up.

So – what do I do? I start the hunt for cloth pull-ups.  I first started looking at the trainers made over at mother goose designs but I was looking for something that had snaps on the side (in case of a messy accident).  I posted on a local cloth diaper board and asked around and someone suggested Flip trainers. At almost $30 a pop, they are little pricey for my budget.  I looked at countless other trainers.

I think my favorite has to be by bear monkey bottoms You can send in your baby’s measurements, choose your print/color and you get custom pull-ups.  At $16 a piece, they are reasonably priced for a WAHM diaper but still a little too much for my budget.

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