Clearing the house of junk food

Halloween – check

Thanksgiving – check

Christmas – check

Ok – now time to clear the house of all cookies, cakes, pie, brownies, whatever!

I’m trying to lose the baby weight that mysteriously crept back on… so it is still baby weight?? hmm


Yeah… I ate most of this pie 🙁

Apple Pie

Symphony Brownies – they were delicious!

Symphony Brownies

Sugar Cookies – meh (but I still ate them)

Peppermint Sugar Cookies

Christmas Candy! Seriously, I had jars and plates of candy EVERYWHERE!

Christmas Candy

All in the trash! Well, except the candy.

In the trash!

I told my husband to hide the candy… he didn’t and I ate like 3 pieces. Guys, I wasn’t lying when I said I have no will power!  This morning my husband took the candy out of the house. lol

I visited my family yesterday and I have to say – I was pleased with myself.  My niece who is almost 3 kept asking if I wanted candy and cookies… the little temptress haha and my sister (her mom) tempted me with Taco Bell while we were out shopping.  I know Taco Bell is gross but I love it.  I can’t help it… I dunno?  I didn’t eat candy, cake, or taco bell – go me!

My mom made this HUGE amount of pot roast and it was soo yummy.  I had trouble not getting up for seconds. Thankfully, she sent me home with some. Thanks mom!

So far so good… kinda. ya know…  minus my little run in with the Christmas candy.

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