Busy with (a cranky) Baby

I had so much planned for today.  I was going to make a run to Kroger and the library and maybe the mall to let Jackson play in the softplay area. None of those things happened today. NONE

I usually try to knock out my Kroger trip on Sunday night after Jackson has gone to sleep and Jason is there to listen out for him.  I get a stress-free just momma grocery shopping time.  Isn’t is crazy that that is my “me time” haha.

I didn’t go shopping last night since we ventured out to my parents house to go use their pool and hang out (by the way we forgot out swim suits).

Anyways.  I planned on making my shopping list while Jackson slept through his morning nap. BAHAHAHAHA that was a joke.  Jackson might have laid in his crib for 15 minutes.

So what do I do with the baby that hasn’t napped – I take him to Sam’s Club of course!  I figured I could grab some chicken and cheese and some other basic stuff that I usually get cheaper there than at the grocery store.

All I can say is that Jackson was not the model child in Sam’s. Um… yeah – I’ll leave it at that.

As we are turning into the neighborhood, Jackson passes out – seriously we are 3 minutes away from the house and he fell asleep that quick.  I tried to get his attention by giving him toys or singing but there was no hope.  He was out.

I figured I would use that mini-nap to unload the car and divide up the huge bag of cheese into smaller containers for freezing and later use.  I did the same with the chicken.

Right as I closed the freezer door, Jackson woke up (crying).  Mothers of babies: it is not a good sign when your baby wakes up crying from a nap!  My child LOVES to eat so I figured he would be just fine after lunch.  He gets a big grin as I set him in the high chair (score 1 for mom) and then I give him some food. He immediately starts throwing it over to Sammie.  WHAT- I pay good money for that food! Don’t give it to the dog!

Just as I rescued a little deli spiral from being thrown over, the temper tantrums start.  You know –  The screaming, head banging – just all out craziness. And I’m not describing some heavy metal/screamo rock concert. If your kids are grown, you might be thinking, “my kids NEVER acted like that”. yes – they did (at least once).  You tend to forget the bad and remember the good.

My kid went crazy.

To top it off our TV wasn’t picking up the kids channel so I plug in Winnie the Pooh – hoping he would calm down with some tv (yes I know I’m a terrible parent).  When the Winnie the Pooh menu came up Jackson got all excited.  We have been reading a lot more Winnie the Pooh books (not such a terrible parent)  lately and I think he recognized the characters.  My DVD player will not play without the remote and guess who was playing with it this morning… yep and this little guy can’t tell me where he put it.

I walk around trying to find the remote while being followed by a crying baby… Have I mentioned I haven’t even taken a shower yet today?  I found the remote in a toy bin in Jackson’s room (I should have just looked there first).

We got his blanket and laid on the couch and watched about 20 minutes of Winnie the Pooh before Jackson got crazy again.

Nap time… please – is it nap time yet?

*Disclaimer*: I love my little Jackson.  He’s teething and has the sniffles so I know he is having a rough day too.  He is sleeping peacefully in his crib as I type this. (Thank you Lord!)

Oh – and here is a picture of my baby boy from our trip to the beach… yeah – I know he is pretty adorable!

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  1. You are a FABULOUS mother – and don’t forget it!! I know that I am slightly biased (as you are my FAVORITE daughter-in-law!). One day you will hear “thank you” from Jackson for all that you have done for him – after all – he IS his father’s son! I love you and am so thankful for the great job you are doing with Jackson!!

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