Under the guidance of my mom, I have started reading the book, Bringing up Boys. The first chapter has me a little nervous about our future.

It gives examples of what boys do like pouring gasoline down a manhole and lighting it, shoving peas in noses (and then sprouting), and swinging from trees, Tarzan style.  Oh boys…

I’ve heard stories about my dad… one in particular about how he would bring home all kinds of animals like snakes and raccoons and alligators.  My Granny told me she walked in his room to wake him one morning and there was a baby gator in his room!

My husband has tons of stories of his own but the one I can’t forget is how he blew up his face with a dry ice bomb!

Yeah… if Jackson is anything like the men that came before him, I’m doomed! haha

I want my son to be “all boy”.  I want him to play in the yard and have that fearlessness that boys should have.  I can already tell I’ve got my hands full with this one.  You can’t hold him long anymore – he is jumping and grabbing for everything and he has become a pure dare devil during bath time.

In his baby tub, he leans forward and tries to grab things that have fallen into the big tub (I stand within hand’s reach at all times). If there isn’t anything to grab he continues to try and stand and reach the ledge… Jackson isn’t even 7 months old!

This is my attempt at taking a picture of his dare devil acts in the bath tub.  You can’t see below his waist but he is mid stand/squat.  He had just tried to lean over and grab the blue wash cloth… After no luck with that, he turned to grab the ledge of the big tub and stand up like he was ready to get out the tub.  I think bath time is the scariest time of my day.  bath time


  1. How about the time when your dad comes
    home, we were all at the dinner table eating, he sits down and acts so politely with a smirk on his face, I look in his shirt pocket and all I see are two big eyes of a five pond BULLFROG looking back at me! I SCREAM, get that thing OUT of here before he jumps in the middle of our dinner!!

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