Better Homes and Gardens January 2013 Issue

I just got my January 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  I love this magazine but I was super disappointed when I picked it up out of my mailbox. It’s half the size of some of the recent issues.  When I paid for a subscription to this magazine, I expected to get at least a similar product each month.  And seriously – who in their right mind would pay $3.99 for this tiny little thing they pass off as a magazine.

Here is some info from some recent issues (I had lying around the house). Page # read from last page which does not include inside cover pages.

JUNE 2012: 206 pages

OCT 2012: 200 pages

NOV 2012: 208 pages

JAN 2013: 100 pages

I can understand cutting by like 10-20 pages but 100 pages!? I visited their facebook fan page and quickly figured out that I was not the only subscriber/reader who felt gypped.  One reader figured out that in this Jan 2013 issue, there are 49 full page ads and 4 half pages ads.

Really? Reading her numbers I had to check myself… I counted 43 full page ads (not counting inside covers) and 4 half page ads. 4 Pages dedicated to contents, editor’s letter, and all the info on who wrote stuff and took pics and what not, 49 full pages of content – either pictures, articles, or recipes and such and then 4 half pages of content.  Just barely over 50% content.

I will be writing a letter to the editor. My subscription runs out  in May so if they don’t pick up some slack, I will not be renewing.  I hope they come to their senses for the February issue – or they will be losing a lot of subscribers/readers.



I did write to the editor and they apologized for the smaller January issue and promised they would extend my subscription by 2 issues.

Dear Karoline,

Thank you for your message.  We always enjoy hearing from our readers.

It’s true that our January issue is often the smallest issue of the year, as it is for many publications. The size of our issues fluctuates through the year, reflecting differences in the level of advertising support.

As a thank you for taking the time to share your opinion, our editor in chief would like to extend your subscription by two issues.  Your views are very important to us, and we hope to better please you in the future.  Please email me back with your complete postal mailing address so I can forward this message to our subscription service.  Just be sure to hit your Reply button on this message when responding.

We hope that you have found useful ideas, information and inspiration in the January issue. Thank you again for writing to us.  Karoline, please know we appreciate your interest in Better Homes and Gardens.

Best regards,
Jeri @ BHG Editor

I recently received my slightly thicker February issue (168 pages) but was a little disappointed when my subscription expiration date was still listed as May 2013.  Will contact them again regarding the 2 extra issues promised.

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