Bell Peppers

Remember when I mentioned that I give my son whole foods instead of purees?  Well, I got tired of giving him turkey and sweet potato left overs so I ran to the grocery store to pick up some new food options.

I want to give Jackson many different foods.. you know – not the typical peas and carrots type thing.

I walked around the produce section trying to decide what I wanted to introduce next.  Squash – done that, green beans – yep, bananas – boring, bell peppers! Why not?

Well, I got them home and cut them up but realized really quickly that they were way too crunchy for Jackson.  I steamed them up for a while and then rinsed them so they wouldn’t be super hot.

Jackson enjoyed them… I think he enjoyed the food not mushing in his hands (he has been eating loads of bananas!) He didn’t get much off of them but I think just chewing on the semi-tough pepper felt good on his gums.

Look mom! No hands!

Jackson 6 months 3 weeks bell pepers

Wonder when those teeth will pop up?

I have to say that it has been so crazy watching Jackson day by day eating his food.  He has become a pro at picking up little pieces and is learning to open his hands when food is stuck there.  I really think that letting him explore food like this is increasing his fine motor skills as well as learning to not be a picky eater (hopefully anyways).

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