Beach Day

Jackson's Beach Day

Oh. My. Goodness.

Never again –

I enjoy the beach weather but not necessarily the beach itself.

Ever since Jackson’s Gigi saw pictures of him at the beach, she has wanted to take Jackson and my niece to the beach.  Jackson’s first beach trip this year was not fun for me so I wasn’t particularly excited about this idea of hers.

It started with waking up super early and being half asleep trying to find the sunscreen bottle that I know was last used by my husband – which he has no  recollection of.  Ok. score 0 for mom. This wasn’t terrible – I mean I had sunscreen stocked in the bathroom closet… but still.  Where in the world is that 3 quarters full baby sunscreen?

We all ( mom, sister, and kids) met at my parent’s house and loaded up in my sister’s sweet new to her minivan.  Seriously this was awesome…  two kids in car seats and three adults and room to spare.  Awesome.

We made pretty good time and got to KFC before they opened… our plan was to pick up a bucket of chicken and eat it out on the beach.  So we get out the phone and see if there is a KFC closer to the beach and the phone said yes.  We follow the directions our phone gives us and realize that there wasn’t another KFC.  Ugh technology fail!

So – Katherine (my little sister) hands me the phone and points to a red dot and says we are going there… Easy enough.  I can navigate a map on the phone! But I couldn’t see where WE were on the map so I zoomed out so I could see us  and then saw a little red dot and started directing us that way.

Yeah – we drove through the ghetto of Brunswick and I realized that I was directing them to the wrong red dot.  Now I get an ear-full from my  mom in the backseat.  OK OK I’m sorry.. geez.

We eventually get back to the original KFC which has opened by now… Mom goes in KFC wearing her bathing suit to pick up the chicken… haha oh mom. It was a very modest suit – A tankini with a skirt.  But she was mortified. The drive-thru was apparently not open yet. The sign said it didn’t open until 11 but when we were all piling back into the van we noticed someone was using the drive thru… hm. Oh well.

good grief… we haven’t even got to the beach yet.   Did I mention that Jackson was awake this whole drive.  I would say without our detour the trip is about an hour plus 15 minutes… our detour added probably 20. So… yeah.

3 women, 2 kids – why do have so much stuff to lug out onto the beach? Mom grabs some stuff and hops to it while my sister and I get the kids slathered in sunscreen and changed into their suits.  We all carry our share and head on out  to the beach.

As soon as Jackson steps foot on the beach he totally forgets about us.  He runs out to the water and after the birds.  I won’t lie- I enjoyed this. I ran around after Jackson while mom and Katherine got the beach site settled. hehe.

Jackson did not want to get out of the water or away from the muddy sand… is that even a thing? muddy sand? whatever.  He played in mud and then it eventually dried as sand – so yeah muddy sand.

I bribed him with milk and food – which he almost never turns down but he was not interested in the least.  Somehow, Jackson ends up near the chairs and umbrella and all the junk we brought onto the beach.  I get him settled with his lunch – a chicken leg, peaches, biscuit, and milk.  The only thing he ate was the peach and milk.  Gross combo.  He took the leg and set it next to his sandy self on the beach chair… haha thanks Jackson.  I could have eaten that – well I did eat it… there was only a little grit with each bite.

Beach Day

That kid could have cared less about food. He just wanted to get out and play.  My niece is so funny.   She was watching Jackson get all muddy and gross and she said no Jackson… and I told her that boys just get messy and gross.  She looked right at me and said well girls don’t get messy. Needless to say, it took her a while to get down and play in the water.

Why do I not enjoy the beach?  Well – I love the beach.  But when you have sand in all the wrong places and birds that stare you down for your food, food that somehow becomes covered in sand,  flys that bite and hurt like something else, and sand that just doesn’t wash off at the showers provided at the beach – you begin to hate the experience.  Add a toddler that pooped twice while at the beach and I think you will begin to agree with me.

I guess it was worth it.  Jackson loved every second of it.  He loved being able to just run without being stopped or held back.  He enjoyed getting dirty and he loved playing in the waves.  He is a beach baby.

beach day

But next time… when Gigi (my mom) mentions a beach day… I’ll let it be extra special and let her have the grand kids without me around.


  1. This is great! You did a great job! I had a wonderful day and I would do it again! You tell it like it is! I love you and am extremely proud of you! You are a awesome woman who is a great wife and mommy!

  2. Don’t you say those bad things about the beach! People who complain about it are probably destined to end up in Missouri! Time flies, & before you even turn around Jackson will be borrowing your car…

    • I highly doubt we will end up in Missouri… haha I loved spending that time with Jackson and I loved playing with him and watching him play. Ultimately – that will be what I remember.

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