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I was once a Queen Couponer but fell off the wagon when I had my son.  I dreaded shopping trips with a newborn and just didn’t have the time to clip coupons between changing diapers, feeding, cleaning or whatever else was going on.

We are nearing the end of our home renovations as well as the end of our savings! yikes! So – I’m putting my scissors back to work and getting the coupon binder out.

I subscribed to the paper so I wouldn’t miss a single week of coupons and since I pay for the paper I feel obligated to get that money back by using every coupon I can.  Just this past week I “bought” free toothpaste, free honey mustard, free ketchup, nearly free deodorant, nearly free croutons, nearly free – a bunch of other stuff haha. 

Here is my plan of “attack”:

  • Buy everything I can that is free or nearly free – even if I don’t need it. – You may be thinking… why in the world would you buy something you DON’T need?  Well let me explain.  It’s free this week and it may not be free for another 6 weeks.  In that time I probably WILL need it and have to pay full price. So I buy it now when it’s on sale and with coupons and voila – free stuff.
  • Buy meat when it is less than $2.50 a pound (Stock up the freezer when it’s super cheap)
  • Find all the apps I can to cut my savings even more! Like IBOTTA   Ibotta is an app for smart phones that lets you earn cash by shopping for products.   I just earned $1.50 for buying Country Time Lemonade.  All I had to do was buy the product, scan the receipt and the barcode and boom – $1.50.  Pretty cool!
  • Check the recycle bin at least once a week for coupons that were thrown out with the paper.  I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that people throw out coupons!! That’s like throwing away money.  Today I picked up 23 coupon inserts from one recycle bin. Wow.. No, I’m not keeping them all for me.  I do share (with my sister and mom).

Well that’s pretty much it.  I’m so happy to be saving money again.  It is like a sport for me – how much can I save on my next trip or how many items can I get for under $3… I’m addicted – or obsessed.  haha

I hope to share my successful purchases here with whoever is interested!


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