6 month old learning to use the potty

I’m trying to give this thing called EC a try (elimination communication).  It’s really just paying attention to your baby and getting them to the potty in time.  I’m trying to teach my son (who is 6 months old) to sign the word potty if he has to go.  It’s a long shot but I don’t want to be changing diapers and carrying on a conversation with my kid…

It’s kind of like those people that say “If your kid has teeth and can talk, it’s time to take them off the breast” – which I disagree with but it’s the same principle. If my kid can talk and walk himself to the bathroom… he should not be wearing a diaper.

So, I have plenty of misses (where I don’t get him to the potty in time) and it is super exciting when he sits on the potty to do his business.

Today, we were at my Granny and Granddaddy’s house for Christmas and I go to change his diaper and he hasn’t wet yet so I take him to the potty and peel off his diaper… As soon as air touches my son’s bare bottom, pee sprays all over the floor. I rush him over to the potty and my depth perception must have been a little off because his foot plops into the toilet. I think all this startled him a little bit because he stopped peeing when his foot touched the water – lol. As soon as I peel off his soaking wet sock he starts tinkling again. haha

So in EC terms this was either a catch or a miss – I’m an optimist so I say it was a half catch!

ImageThis was after our little bathroom incident… no socks on!  He was wore slap out from all family time and gift opening!

We had a really great time with family – Jackson got some really neat little toys and things. He got his first jack in the box and a couple of books and a little educational drum toy.  His daddy is a drummer so that was perfect. It was just really nice getting together with family. Love them <3


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