2nd Time Mom Baby Registry

To Register or Not to Register…

I had questioned whether or not to even put together a registry BUT I’m so bad with remembering what I need when I’m at the store… I really need one just for my sake.

If you are a 2nd time mom, and saved pretty much everything from the first baby, you won’t need much.  I’ve been going through baby stuff and I saved most baby items from Jackson so there isn’t a whole lot I need this time around.  You’ll probably just want some things that were disposable like diapers and such but you’ll also want to weed out what you just did not like the first time around. I junked a few things I didn’t enjoy using.

Ehh.. well – there is a good bit you might need want haha.  Especially for me if this little one turns out to be a girl. 🙂

Things to Save After the First Baby

Here are some things we already have being 2nd time parents… (Links are affiliate links)

  1. Crib – Like this Delta 4 in 1 Crib
    1. This isn’t the one we have… mine is one that I used when I was a baby.  But, I have thought about how nice it would be to have a crib that converted to a toddler bed.
  2. Bassinet
    1. We didn’t put Jackson in his crib until he was rolling over and had outgrown his bassinet.  I LOVED the bassinet.  This one is most like the one we have.  I would roll him around the house with me when he was sleeping.  I was always paranoid about him waking while I was in the shower so I would roll that little bassinet right into the bathroom doorway so I could peak out of the shower and check on him.
  3. Pack ‘n Play
    1. This is almost identical to the one I have stored away.  This was nice when I wanted to go outside for a bit or just needed to put Jackson somewhere while I was cleaning or making dinner. I did use the reversible napper / changer quite a bit when he was very little.  I’ve also got a little mattress that fits in the playard that has been handy. Especially nice if you want this to double as a crib.
  4. Bouncy Seat
    1. Jackson enjoyed his bouncy seat. He got to that stage where he couldn’t sit up but didn’t want to lay down and this was just what he wanted.  I remember setting him in it and fixin dinner.  We had a kitchen that was open but still hallway like and I would put him at one end of the kitchen and he would just kick up a storm and would be bouncing and giggling.  I’m going down memory lane here…  🙂
  5. Swing
    1. Oh my goodness.  This swing, while not the EXACT one. Very close.  Jackson loved his swing.  I loved his swing.  I was pretty sad when he outgrew it.  His swing had a soft light that would change colors and little animals that would move.  The swing could rock side to side or he could be rocked forward and back… It did take up some space but it was SO. WORTH. IT.

Things I Junked After 1st Baby

And of course, there are things I just didn’t like and got rid of after Jackson outgrew them.  I mean, you know what you like and dislike and if it was just a nightmare to use the first time around, why do do it again?

I did get rid of his travel system.  I got one that had such positive reviews and everyone loved it… Well, it didn’t have a cup holder or any holders other than the basket at the bottom and the back wheels were set soo wide that it made it difficult to fit anywhere.  I really loved it for going out on walks but it was just ginormous and difficult to take anywhere.

Thankfully, my sister was generous with her son’s travel system and then her 2nd son’s infant car seat.  They don’t go together but I’ve read that you don’t want to keep an infant in their carseat anyways.. I’ll probably use the newer car seat in the car and then either use a baby carrier or just the stroller while out.

I also sold Jackson’s jumperoo.  It drove me crazy and I rarely put him in it because the sounds were just so terribly annoying.  When I put him in it without the sounds, he would fuss and just not enjoy it.

Which brings me to what I’ll be buying this time around.

  1. A simple jumper. 
    1. I plan on replacing the crazy annoying jumperoo with a simple doorway jumper like this one.
  2. Spectra Breast Pump
    1. My Medela breast pump with Jackson fizzled out and no longer works. Last time, I got the breast pump through my insurance but since I’m with Samaritan Ministries now, I’m shopping around and found that the Spectra S2 is inexpensive and a pretty good pump.  There is also an S1 which I believe the only difference is the S2 has a power cable and the S1 has a rechargeable battery so you can pump pretty much anywhere.
  3. Snuza Baby Monitor
    1.  I really want to get one of the Snuza baby monitors.  A friend of a friend had a baby and they used the Snuza and it literally saved their baby’s life.  The alarm went off and the baby wasn’t breathing and wasn’t responding.  After some effort, their baby started breathing again and they went straight to the hospital.  If they didn’t have that warning, their baby may have passed that night.  There are other monitors like the Owlet and the Angelcare monitors but I think Snuza will work best for our needs.
  4. Milkies Milk-Saver
    1. I never knew going into nursing that I would wake up in the morning and start nursing and then have a soaking wet shirt.  In the first few weeks, this happened and I would just put a wash rag or a breast pad on when I nursed first thing in the morning. Well, I learned really quickly that breastmilk is like liquid gold and I soon stopped making so much.  This time, any little bit, I’m hoping to save.
  5. Stuff like replacement nipples for the bottles you saved, pacifiers, breastmilk bags, diapers, and wipes, baby soap, and lotion.  You know – the stuff you couldn’t save from the first time around. Although, I do plan on re-using Jackson’s cloth diapers and making some new flannel wipes.

Other Stuff…

For the changing table and furniture, we are using a matching chest of drawers / dresser set that my husband was given years ago.  We also have a recliner that rocks that we may use in the baby’s room but I really want to recover it.

We still haven’t started on the room construction but I have been taking many many bags and boxes of stuff that we no longer need to charities.  Seeing as how, my junk craft room will be my new bedroom, I’ve had to clear it out before we can move our furniture over.

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